From Reading to Writing: 3 Proven Tips to Introduce Creative Writing to Preschoolers

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30th April 2021

Reading to preschoolers is a great way to expose them to new words and concepts. When reading, make sure you talk about the pictures and allow the child to point out interesting details.

Then, as you read, encourage your child to imagine what is happening in the story. It will tell you what they think will happen next.

This exercise can also be used when reading a book with just words (no pictures).

Ask your child what they think will happen next. Moreover what they think might happen in another part of the story. This will help develop their critical thinking skills and creativity.

Next, after reading a book together, ask your child if they would like to retell the story using their own words.

You can do this in two ways: One way is for you to dictate parts of the story that are missing from your child’s retelling and have them add those parts back into their story;

another way is for you to read parts of the story aloud again while your child adds them into their own retelling.

This will help strengthen their ability to listen carefully and remember details from stories they have heard before.

Finally, it’s time for them to try writing their own stories! To introduce writing, it’s important that your preschooler already has a good grasp on letter recognition (letter names) and letter formation (how letters are written).

If not, there are many ways you can teach these skills.

Before attempting creative writing: flashcards with pictures on one side and letters on the other side; coloring pages with letters on one side and corresponding pictures on the other side;

Tracing letters using finger paint or shaving cream; etc. Once your preschooler has mastered letter recognition/formation it’s time for them to start writing!

I hope you found these tips useful and will use them to introduce creative writing to your preschooler. Find more tips about What are the fees for Pre-school? or another beneficial posts on Cudy Blog page.

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