Has Your Child Received A Bad Grade? Here’s How Parental Support can Lessen Academic Stress and Anxiety

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9th January 2018

The Role of Parents

The lives of young people in Singapore are filled with long years of hard work and academic pressure, where they are pushed to internalize difficult concepts for nationwide examinations. Poor performance on a test or exam (or even the mere thought of failure) can cause great stress and anxiety. As parents, we play an important role in providing much-needed emotional support for our children during these stressful times. 


Stay calm, be comforting

The most important thing to remember: if you’re disappointed with the exam results, your child is definitely feeling worse. While you may be feeling bad – which parent wouldn’t be? – expressing your unhappiness will only make your child feel even more stressed-out and insecure. 

With the exams over, at this point nothing can be done to change the results. As parents, however, you can influence how your child perceives the results – as a learning lesson and a setback, but only a minor setback in the greater scheme of things. Discussions about the future can come when your child is feeling less anxious and emotional, but for now, stay calm and supportive, and be ready to listen and provide helpful feedback and options. Remember: It’s heavy enough for young people to carry their stress. Don’t add to it! 


What’s next?

If the results aren’t good, and your child has to retake the exams at a later date, don’t fret. Speak with your child’s teachers to better understand where and how your child is having trouble with the material. Tuition may also be able to offer some assistance by providing a greater degree of personal attention that can address your child’s unique learning needs. Meanwhile, remind your child that they are valued for more than their academic performance – comforting words that can assure your child and give them the right state of mind to learn better! 

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