How can you train your brain to score better grades?

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19th January 2021

Better Concentration with Brain Training

Some students may be able to improve their concentration by practicing brain training activities. These activities can include:

Meditation: Meditation involves focusing on a single task without distractions in order to enter into a state of mental calmness. It helps train the mind for focus and concentration. Examples of meditation include yoga, qi gong, tai chi and visualization.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a practice that involves focusing on the present moment without judgment or bias. It helps students to stay focused on the task at hand and helps them to eliminate distractions. Examples of mindfulness include meditation, yoga and breathing exercises.

How to Improve Concentration with Exercise

Exercise is a great way to help students to improve their concentration. Some of the best types of exercises for concentration include:

Yoga: Yoga helps students to focus on breathing and meditation, thus helping them to relax and clear their minds. It can also help to stimulate the brain and keep it active. Examples of yoga include bikram yoga, iyengar yoga, yin yoga and vinyasa yoga.

Tai Chi: Tai chi helps students to relax and focus. It may also help them to sharpen their minds while improving their body control and balance. Examples of tai chi include tai chi chuan, wu shu kung fu, xing yi quan and bagua zhang.

Weight Lifting: Weight lifting can help to increase muscle mass and help students to feel more confident. It can also help them to improve their concentration. Examples of weight lifting include powerlifting, Olympic weight lifting and bodybuilding.

Running: Running is a great exercise for concentration. It helps students to clear their minds, while getting their blood pumping and oxygen flowing throughout the body. Examples of running include track running, cross-country running, road running and long-distance running.

Racquet Sports: Racquet sports such as tennis or squash help students to focus on the task at hand in order to win the match. They also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout that might help improve memory function.

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