How difficult is the Singapore Math in High school?

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27th April 2021

The Singapore Math is really useful in many schools across the United States. There are many different books and curriculum according on the Singapore Math. Some of these include Saxon, Sonlight, Singapore Math, and Evan-Moor.

The difficulty of the Singapore Math in high school depends on the curriculum you choose.

Many students find the Saxon Math to be easy because it follows a similar method to the Common Core State Standards.

The Singapore Math, on the other hand, is more challenging and more difficult to understand. Because it has not aligned with the Common Core.

Does Singapore Math have a math placement test?

The Singapore Math does not have a placement test, but you can take one if you are having trouble in your math class.

There are also many different websites that offer free online placement tests for various levels of math including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.

Some of these include Study Blue and If you would like to take an online placement test for Singapore Math.

There are many available on Khan Academy and Coursera. As well as YouTube videos by Peter Jensen of Stony Brook University or Scott Yang of California State University – Long Beach (CSULB).

In summary, the Singapore Math is a challenging math curriculum. It is used in many schools across the United States and the world. The difficulty of the Singapore Math in high school depends on the curriculum you choose.

Some students find it easy, while others find it difficult. If you are having trouble with your math class. You can take an online placement test for free to see where you stand.

Moreover, you may get help from a tutor to help you understand math concepts and topics that are confusing to you.

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