How do I stick to my study schedule?

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1st January 2021

The best way to stick with your study schedule is simply by making sure that you’re committed from the start. When it comes time for each session, remember why you’re studying and what you hope to get out of each activity.

Remind yourself that this is an important part of your educational journey and something that can really help shape the future for yourself or for others (if your goal is public service).

If things are going well, be sure to celebrate your accomplishments and reinforce the fact that you are making progress.

If things aren’t going so great, try to think of it as a learning experience. Also, consider how you might do things differently next time.

Also, if you know in advance that something is going to get in the way of your schedule. Don’t try to push through with unrealistic expectations for yourself.

Instead, change your schedule or make an extra effort. To stay focused on the task at hand if you have the time available. You’ll amaze at how much more effective and productive you can be.

When you’re not trying to squeeze every minute out of each day (which is often impossible anyway!).

Finally, remember that it’s okay if you need to change your study schedule. If you’ve got a big test coming up and you realize that you aren’t going to finish studying for it.

In the amount of time that you have available. It’s fine to let go of some other activities so that you can put more time into studying. The key is to be flexible and adaptable.

So that your schedule meets its goals without forcing you into situations where it’s not realistic or healthy for your studies or other aspects of life.

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