How Learning Should Be Like in the Digital Age

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23rd April 2023

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The Struggle

If you’re a student in Singapore, tuition is probably a huge part of your life. From a young age, many of us struggle with finding the right tutor, and waste time rushing from one tuition centre to another.

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could attend tuition online?

Being stressed-out students ourselves, our team at Cudy have been working hard to make live-streaming tuition a reality – so that it takes less time and less hassle to do well in school!

Learn anywhere, anytime

With live-streaming tuition, you no longer need to head down to tuition centres or pay huge amounts of money for a home tutor.

All you need is a laptop and internet connection, and Cudy will do the rest! Tune in to your tutor’s classes in-real time, whether you’re at school, at a café, or in the comfort of your own home.

Save time on travelling

When you can access all your classes from your laptop, you don’t have to waste precious time on travelling to and from tuition.

Now that distance is no longer an issue, you can also take classes from amazing tutors who stay far from you, without having to travel all over Singapore.

Find the right tutor quickly and efficiently

With everything done online, it’s easy to match with the best tutors that suit your unique learning needs. Simply browse tutors and classes, fit classes into your schedule, and attend lessons – all with the click of a button.

Without needing to make time and effort to physically attend classes, it’s much easier and faster to screen for the perfect tutor.

Fully digital, fully interactive

While live-streaming tuition is completely online, it’s as interactive as physical tuition.

With Cudy’s innovative technology, you can stream classes in real-time, and interact with your tutor and classmates just like in real life. Ask questions on the spot and get answers immediately from your tutor.

Pass up assignments and get feedback online

Forget about lugging heavy stacks of worksheets from place to place. Do assignments offline, then simply scan and upload them online for your tutor to mark and feedback to you digitally.

Pay and schedule online

Always forget when your next class is? Sick of your parents nagging you to bring the envelope with this month’s tuition money? Cudy’s online system allows you to pay for and schedule your classes easily.

Just log in to your personalised dashboard to manage all your classes in one place. At Cudy, we offer online tuition in Singapore. We believe there should be more to life than tuition.

With our live-streaming technology, you have the flexibility to take control of your learning needs, so you have time to learn and do things you enjoy! Register now at

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