How many schools in the USA has adopted the Singaporean method of teaching Math?

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22nd April 2023

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In Singapore, every child in every school is taught Math the same way. No child is left behind. Every child must learn the Math concepts that will enable him to progress from Primary 1 to Primary 6.

It is a sad fact that in America, many children are left behind because their schools cannot afford proper teachers or they have teachers who have never been trained to teach math.

In Singapore, a teacher who does not teach well in Math will be dismissed immediately. This is not true in America.

Why do you think the Singaporean method of teaching Math is so successful?

Singapore has a very clear vision of what they want to achieve. Every child must learn Math well. They have the will and determination to achieve their goal.

There is no compromise in their method of teaching Math. The teachers are not only well trained but they are motivated to teach well.

What do you think of American parents who think that a child should be able to decide for himself whether he wants to study or not?

That is not the way I was brought up and I don’t agree with it at all. I believe that parents should teach their children discipline and help them in any way.

They can so that they can succeed in life, both academically and professionally. It is sad that there are so many parents who give up on their children.

Because they cannot understand why the children cannot learn or understand what they are being taught at school.

Parents should never blame teachers for their children’s failure at school because most of the time.

It is due to the parent’s lack of interest in helping his child to study better, his lack of patience with his child. Or even a lack of time spent with his child helping him with his homework after school hours.

If parents want their children to succeed, then they have to help them study hard and support them all the way through until they reach university level and beyond if possible, regardless if they like it or not!

What do you think would happen if Singaporean students were left alone without any supervision from teachers?

If Singaporean students were left alone without any supervision from teachers, it would be chaos!

This is why we make sure that our teachers will always be there for our students at every stage from Primary 1 until Secondary 4!

We want our students to progress fast in Math and this requires constant supervision by qualified Math teachers!

Our students know this very well as this was clearly explained during our orientation session when we first joined secondary school!

It is a good thing that our parents also take an active part in making sure that we study hard because it gives us more confidence when we know that we have their support behind us!

Parents are there behind us as witnesses when we go for interviews at schools or universities.

Because some people will judge us by how smartly dressed we look when we go for an interview! That’s why my father has told me time and again."

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