How much do University Tuition Fees cost in Asia?

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24th April 2023

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The cost of university is very different depending on the country, even within the same continent. The list below is just a small selection of countries in Asia, it’s not exhaustive by far.


Singapore has some of the most expensive university’s in the world. In fact it has the most expensive university in the world, the National University of Singapore (NUS).

It costs $12,888 per year to study in Singapore, which is more than what most universities in America charge.


Malaysia is quite a lot less expensive than nearby Singapore. On average a Malaysian degree costs just over $4,000 per year.


Indonesia is one of the cheapest places to study a degree in Asia. The total cost of studying a degree here will cost you around $2,000 per year including living expenses.


In the Philippines a degree costs an average of $1,700 per year on top of living expenses which could be much higher depending on where you choose to study.


A yearly tuition fee for an Indian Degree will cost you about $500 US dollars for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at public universities. At private universities it’s significantly more expensive with fees starting from $5,000 US dollars and upwards.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is also relatively cheap to study a degree there with fees generally capped at around $1,200 per year.

How much does university cost in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China?

Hong Kong – As the closest Asian country to the most expensive education system in the world, Hong Kong’s tuition fees are almost as high. The total cost of studying a degree in Hong Kong will cost you around $12,000 per year.

Taiwan – Like Singapore, Taiwan has some of the most expensive university’s in the world. The total cost of studying a degree in Taiwan will cost you around $12,000 per year.

China – China is one of the cheapest places to study a degree in Asia with fees capped at just $2,000 a year.

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