How much does a chartered accountant tutor earn?

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25th April 2023

How much does a chartered accountant tutor earn?

A chartered tutor is an individual who gives classes to undergraduate or graduate students on specific subjects so they can focus on their career paths.

The tutors have the experience and the knowledge to teach graduate students on a particular subject, and the tutor will be leading the graduate students with their own teaching style either in a class or individually.

These tutors can also work as online tutor. Online tutors can lead in many ways, such as by chatting with the students, emailing the students, using audio or video streaming etc.

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How much does a chartered accountant tutor earn?

Most of the time, a tutor needs to teach in a classroom, and in that case, the tutor will have to attend the classes.

He will have to come on time, prepare the materials and teach the students. In some cases, a tutor may give satellite classes or auditorium classes.

A satellite classroom is a separate room where students attend the classes, and the tutor gives the lessons there. It is an arrangement between the school and the tutor to provide the courses in a satellite classroom.

An auditorium classroom is a class that is held in a big hall where students can come and attend the classes. In this class type, the tutor usually teaches by using a projector in front of a large audience.

In which field can a chartered accountant earn huge money?

A chartered accountant helps keep the books of the company and help in tax planning and other company activities.

They also provide financial advice to companies, investors and individuals. The companies hire them to keep an eye on the expenditure and other economic activities of the company.

However, there are some particular fields in which chartered accountant are more in demand. One of the significant fields is teaching. As mentioned above, a chartered accountant can become a tutor or a teacher in a university and join one of the college's graduate programs.

The teaching job is perfect for the ones who are interested in this field. A chartered accountant can also start their own tuition classes or work as a part-time tutor for high school and college students.

In general, a tutor can earn anywhere between $20 to $130 per hour in Singapore. However, a tutor who gives satellite classes or auditorium classes will make a different amount as a tutor who teaches in a classroom.

The amount of money that a tutor earns depends on the number of students he teaches and where he teaches. The amount of money also depends on the experience and qualification of the tutor.

Chartered tutors are excellent teachers, and therefore, they will earn a good amount of money as tutors. They are mainly in demand for the subjects like Accounting, Finance, and Economics.

Many agencies or universities that need the services of a chartered tutor will have to pay a good amount of money. Therefore, it is essential to set a reasonable price above the general price range for tutors.

Is teaching a good profession after becoming a chartered accountant?

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After becoming a chartered accountant, it is possible to continue to work as an accountant or become a tutor. In general, accounting tutors are in high demand because they can help students and be in academic departments or join one of the department's graduate programs.

The work of a tutor is not limited to just teaching accounting, but also accounting subjects like Economics, Finance, and Business. These subjects are taught in many different universities and institutions.

Why do chartered accountants CAs leave their corporate jobs and start teaching?

Sometimes, chartered accountant or CAs leave their corporate jobs and start looking for jobs in online teaching for some reasons.

The chartered accountant usually has a good knowledge of financial activities and taxation. But many chartered accountant, who works as a CA, also want to work in education.

The following points tell us why chartered accountant become teachers:

1. Chartered accountant enjoy teaching and can make more money as a teacher than as a CA.

2. Chartered accountant want to work in the field of education because they love it.

3. Chartered accountant can make more money by teaching students online, in auditorium classes or by giving individual tuition classes.

4. Chartered accountant can also do other things in their free time while teaching students in the university or college.

5. The corporate job of a chartered accountant is very stressful, and chartered accountant wants to take a break from their corporate career.

How to become a chartered accountant tutor?

To become a perfect accounting tutor, one must have to have at least two years of teaching experience and must have a degree in chartered accountancy. A chartered accountant can teach the students of intermediate and senior classes.

There are also other characteristics that a chartered accountant must have to become a good tutor. The tutor must be well aware of the basic concepts of accounting and must be able to explain them simply.

The tutor should also be well aware of the latest developments in the field of accounting, and make appropriate study material relevant to that field.

If you possess the qualities mentioned above, you can start looking for tuition classes in your city. You can also advertise yourself as a tutor and can give private tuition classes to students.

Make a portfolio of your previous work and submit it to the colleges and universities, look for job opportunities in social media, websites for tuition agency for tutors, or contact the head of the accounting department in the university or college.

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