How much does it cost to start a Tuition Centre in Philippines?

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24th April 2023

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Tuition Centre starting costs vary from one location to another. The major costs include the amount of working capital required, rental costs of the office space and any government registration fees.

The following is an estimation of the initial investment of a tuition centre in Philippines:

Minimum Capital: PHP8,000 (US$184)

Maximum Capital: PHP33,000 (US$800)

What is the cost of running a Tuition Centre in Philippines?

The daily expenses for running a Tuition Centre are as follows:

Office space rental costs: PHP2,500 (US$55) per month; Electricity expenses: PHP7.50 (US$0.19) per day; Internet connection fees: PHP200 (US$4) per month; Advertising and marketing expenses: PHP100 (US$2) per day; Staff salaries and benefits – up to 30% of total revenues.

What is the potential profit of a Tuition Centre business?

The profit margin for this business in Philippines is excellent. Because, most of the franchisees teach foreign languages such as English and French.

Those kind of foreign languages are in great demand by parents seeking to give their children an edge over others when competing for university places. The majority of the franchisees earn a profit of more than PHP10,000 (US$250) per month.

The success of your Tuition Centre will depend on:

  • The knowledge and experience you have gained in the education field.
  • The teaching skills and techniques you have acquired.
  • The level of customer service you are able to offer your clients.
  • Your ability to create a favourable brand image through advertising and marketing.
  • Your ability to provide affordable tuition rates that appeal to parents or guardians who cannot afford the rates of the international schools.

The Tuition Centre franchise opportunity in Philippines is a great way to gain financial freedom. It is a business that requires hard work, dedication, skill and experience.

The Tuition Centre franchise offers the flexibility of working from home and can be started with as little as PHP8,000 (US$184). The time commitment required to manage a Tuition Centre is not more than 10 hours per week.

In summary, the Philippines Tuition Centre opportunity is your chance to become an entrepreneur and own a business that has the potential to grow and offer huge earnings potential.

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