How Technology is Changing the Education Sector: CNBC

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4th June 2018

Technology is changing the education sector, and we can see this in three main ways. First, it is enabling more people to learn more, and with more accessibility comes greater access to knowledge.

Second, it is being used as a teaching tool in many schools around the world.

Third, it is disrupting traditional educational systems in a number of ways, such as by putting pressure on those who have authority over students to provide an online learning experience for students and their families.

How Does It Work with Education?

As technology drives change in education, one of the sector’s big players is looking to keep pace with developments and encourage innovation.

“The digital medium gives us the opportunity to really take the education and learning experience to the next level,” Albert Hitchcock, chief technology and operations officer for Pearson Education, told CNBC in an interview broadcast.

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