How to Become an Efficient Home Tutor for Chinese Subject?

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3rd June 2021

In order to become an efficient home tutor for Chinese subjects, you need to know about some techniques in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

1. Learn how to teach Chinese as a foreign language from your university or college. The way of teaching Chinese is different from that of English, French, German, etc. You can ask your professor or some tutors about it if you are not sure about it.

2. Get a good understanding of the current situation of your students. Find their needs in learning Chinese by asking them questions and getting to know them better. This will help you plan your teaching activities more effectively and make the lessons more interesting for your students.

3. Plan ahead before you start teaching by using an effective lesson plan template to organize your lesson well. So that it can be easily followed by your students and help them remember what they have learned more easily.

4. Keep motivating your students by setting a reward system. For those who achieve good results or do their homework on time. Encourage them by telling them what they have done well; praise them when they are making progress; show concern when they are having difficulties.

Give timely feedback when necessary; find out why they are having difficulties and help them overcome their problems; take time to explain difficult concepts in detail if necessary etc…

5. Give your students ample practice opportunities to help them consolidate their learning and to help them become more confident in using Chinese.

6. Make sure that your students are confident in their pronunciation, because it is the key to learn Chinese as a foreign language. There are many good books on Chinese pronunciation in the market, which can help your students master this skill. You can recommend them some books or online resources for learning Chinese pronunciation if they need it.

7. Plan field trips to enhance your students’ interest in learning Chinese and help them practice their listening and speaking skills in a more natural environment.

8. When necessary, help your students improve their reading skills by giving them reading materials related to the topics that they are interested in or familiar with.

In conclusion, a good home tutor for Chinese should be someone who has a good command of the Chinese language, can explain difficult concepts in a simple and clear way, can motivate his/her students to do their best, can give timely feedback and comments on the students’ performance, can offer constructive suggestions on how to improve their learning results, and has a lot of patience.

To become an efficient home tutor for Chinese, you need to know more about how to teach Chinese as a foreign language. Read more post about Tutoring: Tips on How to Be Successful on Trial Class and another beneficial posts on Cudy Blog page.

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