How to create engaging eLearning content

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12th August 2021

In this article, we will discuss how to create eLearning content that is engaging. We will begin by discussing what makes an eLearning course engaging and then move on to provide some practical tips for creating engaging eLearning content.

What makes an eLearning course engaging?

Learning with Cases, a case-based approach is often used to make a training program more engaging. However, it is important to note that a case-based approach does not guarantee that an eLearning course will be engaging.

In fact, if the cases are not properly written or structured, then the overall result may be quite the opposite. If you want to create engaging eLearning content, you need to start by thinking about what makes an eLearning course engaging.

If you think about it, there are a number of factors that can make an eLearning course engaging. For example:

Use video

One of the most popular ways to create engaging eLearning content is by using video. However, this is not always possible as not all topics lend themselves to being presented using video. But if it is possible to use video, then it should be used.

Use a good story

Good stories make for good movies, and they also make for good eLearning courses. For example, in a management training program that teaches people how to handle conflict in the workplace, you could present scenarios involving conflict between employees and supervisors and allow learners to resolve the situation through role-playing. This would be much more effective than simply presenting information on how to handle conflict.

Use a case study approach

As mentioned earlier, cases can be used effectively to make an eLearning course more engaging. The cases should have real-life examples with clearly defined learning objectives to know what they are supposed to learn from the case study. You can also present multiple perspectives on the same case to provide learners with more insight into the case.

Use images

Images can be used to make an eLearning course more engaging. However, if you are using images in your eLearning course, it is important to make sure they are not too distracting. You should also make sure that the images have a relevant connection with the content of the course.

These are just some of the factors that can be used to make an eLearning course more engaging. But even if you use all of these factors, there is no guarantee that your eLearning course will be engaging. If you want to create a truly engaging eLearning course, you need to focus on providing quality content and effective training objectives.

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