How to Evaluate the Impact of Online Employee Training

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23rd April 2023

How to Evaluate the Impact of Online Employee Training

Most companies use online employee training programs to train their staff, but very few measures their impact.

This article will talk not only the benefits of employee training but also how you can evaluate it properly.

Benefits of Employee Training

Training evaluation is an important process because it helps in determining whether the trainees have learned the material they were supposed to learn and if the trainees can apply that knowledge in their jobs.

It also provides suggestions on how to improve the program. Here are the benefits of online employee training:

Flexibility and Reach

Employees who have more flexibility in their schedule can learn at their own pace and in surroundings that are most comfortable for them, noted a report from the e-learning industry.

Collaboration and Research

The ability of workers to do research and collaborate via the online learning portal is helpful because they can access expert information and resources immediately to solve problems.

Time and Cost

More than ever, organizations want to save overall time and cost spent on training and ensure that their employees learn on their desks as quickly as possible.

Training at their desk would also allow employees to implement the learning while at work.

Also, it is easy to receive information about changes in an organization’s product/services online as it goes directly to the recipient and they can consume it immediately.

How to Know Your Employee Training is a Success

Training effectiveness is a measure of the degree to which learning improves employee performance.

For instance, how your team members enhanced their sales and communication skills, increased their productivity, or met a business goal.

With the growing focus on continual learning and development, businesses are keen on identifying reliable metrics and methods to measure the training effectiveness and the ROI of such employee training initiatives.

How to Evaluate the Impact of Online Employee Training

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Methods of Evaluating Online Employee Training

This article will explain methods and methods of how to evaluate your online employee training.

You can use these methods as a guide in evaluating your online employee training program so that you can determine whether it needs improvement and if it is effective for your employees.

The objectives of the evaluation are:

  • Evaluate and determine the effectiveness of training program
  • Determine whether trainees have learned what they were supposed to learn from the training program
  • Measure how well trainees apply what they have learned in their jobs

It is important to evaluate the impact of online training programs because without evaluation, we cannot find out if the program has been effective.

To evaluate the impact of online training, we can use different tools, such as survey reports, questionnaires, etc.

These tools will help you evaluate your training program and make it more effective. There are various ways to evaluate the impact of online employee training. You can evaluate it by these 4 simple levels:

1. The Reaction of Trainees

Trainers can check the impact of training at the outset through the response of employees, which is the trainees’ reaction to the training process.

We can measure trainees’ satisfaction first because it is easily the most basic type of evaluation the trainer can assess.

Common questions used in this assessment include asking if the employees enjoyed the training and if they found the course was a reasonable use of their time.

Trainers will find out if employees find the content applies to their job description and whether they would recommend other colleagues take the course.

2. Measure What They Learn During Training

Use assessments to measure how much knowledge and skills have changed from before and after training. To measure this level, you can use a combination of metrics, such as

  • Test scores during and after the training
  • Evaluation of applied learning projects
  • Influence on performance KPIs
  • Course completion and certification
  • Supervisor report and feedback

At this stage of evaluation, you will determine if the training is meeting its set objectives, what are the specific skills that they can develop with this training, and the scope for improvements in content and method of delivery.

Ask questionnaires or talk to learners before and after the course to collect their feedback on the learning experience. Also, ask learners to complete a survey about their overall satisfaction with the learning experience.

How to Evaluate the Impact of Online Employee Training

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3. The Behavior

Behavior has changed because of training. The best way to measure behavior change is through workplace observations and comparing 360-degree reviews from pre-and post-training.

Behavior Trainers can evaluate if the learning has translated into a change in behavior. Let’s say that an organization has customer sales reps training online.

Trainees will need to show a difference in their response after finishing the training course. Understand how the training has affected the learner’s performance and attitude at work.

Evaluate how the training has influenced the learner’s performance and delivery at work by using a combination of these methods:

  • Self-assessment questionnaires
  • Informal feedback from peers and managers
  • Focus groups
  • On-the-job observation
  • Actual job performance key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Customer surveys, comments, or complaints.

4. The Results

At this level, you analyse the final results of your training. This includes outcomes that you or your organization have decided are good for business and good for your team members, and which show a good return on investment (ROI).

Start by identifying what learning outcomes or results you’re aiming for in the training, then test for those outcomes before and after. This level is likely to be the most costly and time-consuming.

Your biggest challenge will be to identify which outcomes, benefits, or ultimate results are most closely linked to the training, and to come up with an effective way to measure these outcomes in the long term.

Modern trainers often use the Kirkpatrick model backward, by first stating the results that they want to see, and then developing the training that is most likely to deliver them, which is a guide for developing effective training.

This helps to prioritize the goals of the training and make it more effective.

Through this simple 4-step process, you can learn how to measure online training effectiveness and improve your instructional design for future initiatives.

Planning Training and Development of Employees

When you plan training and development for your organization, you expect to gain improved skills and productivity, greater retention rates, and an improved brand.

After you deliver any type of corporate training, you must ask these questions: How effective was the training in helping learners gain relevant knowledge and skills?

Besides enhancing knowledge and skills, measuring training effectiveness has proven to be an important tool in boosting employee engagement and retention.

Organizations should ensure that employees can show a positive impact of training through improved productivity and overall skill development.

How to Evaluate the Impact of Online Employee Training

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Modern Employee Development Program

Using today’s technologies, you can personalize training so that it adapts lessons based on employee performance, tailoring content to every single employee’s needs, learning style, and delivery method.

Cudy offers you a learning platform that is tailored to the needs of your employees, offering them personalized content and training based on their performance and interests.

This way, you can easily assess the training effectiveness of your team members, helping them improve their knowledge and skills while benefiting your business.

Check it out now!

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