How to find private schools that offer IB program in Singapore?

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5th May 2021

First, you have to understand that private schools are not required to offer the IB program. The reason is simple: it costs money to offer IB program.

It requires teachers to get special training and the school has to invest in resources. For a school, it may not be worth the investment because they have a smaller number of students and parents who can afford their tuition fees.

There are many private schools in Singapore that offer IB program. You can find them by searching online or asking friends who have children in IB program at other schools.

You can also visit the websites of private schools and see if they mention IB programs. The more prestigious schools tend to mention it on their websites.

Because, they want to attract parents who want their children to take the program, which will help them get into top universities around the world.

If you find a school that offers IB program. Consequently, you should contact them directly. Also, ask about admission requirements for both Primary Years Program (PYP) and Diploma Program (DP).

If you decide on a school with a low student population. Then you will be admitted into the class immediately after your child is accepted by the school.

If you choose a bigger school with many students, then your child will be put on a waiting list for an available spot once he/she is accepted by the school.

In summary, the IB program is a unique and valuable program for your child. If you want your child to take the IB program, then you should look for a school that offers it.

You can also consider looking for a school that offers AP classes because it is similar to the IB program.

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