How to Motivate Children the Right Way – Gear Up for PSLE

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23rd April 2023

How to Motivate Children the Right Way - Gear Up for PSLE

As parents, we always want the best for our children. As such, when it comes to getting ready for the PSLE, we will do anything in our power to help them get there.

Sometimes, however, we go overboard with this.

For example, there are some parents who spend a lot of money on private tuition classes and classes at home just so that their children can do well in their PSLE.

But how can these be effective? Will they really motivate your child?

Is Private Tuition the Right Answer for PSLE?

Of course, there are those who can get by with private tuition. They may be naturally smart or have a natural aptitude for certain subjects.

These children may do well in their PSLE even without the extra help. But what about the rest of us?

PSLE is a huge milestone for many children. If your child does not do well in the PSLE, it may leave them feeling that they did not try hard enough and let down their parents.

While private tuition may seem like the right answer, it is only the first step. Children need to be taught how to approach their studies, how to study effectively, and how to deal with their anxieties.

But even if you have done all of this, it is still possible that your child will do badly in the PSLE and end up feeling disappointed or discouraged.

You can take steps to help them build confidence for the future.

Read on for some tips on how to build confidence for your child during their PSLE preparations

Better Alternatives to Motivate Your Child

If you want to motivate your child to do well in his PSLE, it is important that you encourage him to work hard and try his best.

While some parents choose to go all out with their children, you can also opt for a more simple approach that is not too costly and does not require much effort on your part.

Here are some of those approaches:

How to Motivate Children the Right Way - Gear Up for PSLE

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1. Giving Reward Stickers

For example, you can use stickers as rewards for your child when he does well in his PSLE studies.

It’s a great way to encourage him to do better and improve his grades so that he can get those stickers!

Stickers are also easy to give out, especially if you purchase them from a nearby bookstore. It‘s a small motivation to goal that does not require much effort from your side.

2. Give Them What They Want

If you need help to find other glorious rewards, you can always ask other parents what they do when they want their children to work harder and better themselves academically.

While getting to their dream school is nice, it‘s a too big dream to achieve in one shot.

You can choose to offer your child other prizes like a new pair of shoes or a fancy gadget, just to motivate him.

3. Make Them Understand How Important Learning Is

It is also important to teach your child that learning is a lifelong process. When he does well in his PSLE, do not just reward him with material items.

Instead, encourage him to do well so that he can grow and be able to achieve his goals in life. His learning experience should not just be about what he gets.

4. Pay Attention to Their Studies

And if you have a younger child who is still at the pre-school level, do not neglect her education.

She will also have to take the PSLE one day and it would be good for her if she gets used to studying early on. It will also help her when she goes on to secondary school later on.

The common curriculum for pre-school and primary school includes reading, writing and arithmetic, and these skills are crucial for both.

5. Help Them Create A Study Plan

Concept maps and other study tips don’t go a long way if you do not know how to organize and use them effectively. Help your child create a study plan that will allow him to achieve his goals.

By creating a study plan, your child will understand clearly what he has to do and will implement the plan effectively.

This is something that most students struggle with when they are taking the PSLE.

How to Motivate Children the Right Way - Gear Up for PSLE

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6. Help Them Identify Their Learning Styles

Every child has a different academic milestone that he has to cross in his school years.

If your child is a slow learner, you can help him understand he needs to take things one step at a time.

By helping him identify his learning styles, you will identify the things that he has difficulties with.

For example, if he is not good with math and science, you can encourage him to go for the PSLE mathematics course instead of opting for the PSLE general studies course.

You can also help him develop an interest in one subject area by giving him a few tips on how to learn more about it.

7. Encourage Them to Learn New Things

Failing their PSLE is not the end of their achievement levels in life. In fact, it is an opportunity to start over again and start learning new things.

While they are studying, they can study new subjects and learn something that they may not have studied before.

They can even explore different subjects, as well as broaden their knowledge of different fields of studies.

If your child is talented at Maths or Science, encourage him to explore other fields such as economics or marketing. This way, he can make the most of his talents and abilities in those areas.

He can also study English so that he has a broader range of knowledge and skills in communication.

How to Motivate Children the Right Way - Gear Up for PSLE

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.

Create a Productive Learning Experience

Your child’s academic life is a very important period of time in his life. It is a time when he can show his potential and his strengths to the world.

If you want your child to succeed in the PSLE, make sure that he has all the resources he needs to do so.

Help him understand what you expect of him and how to approach this major exam with confidence.

Give him incentives and rewards when he does well, as well as tips on how to approach studying effectively and improve his grades.

Most importantly, help him understand that learning is a lifelong process that he will have to do throughout his life, no matter what.

If you need a mentor for your child, check out Cudy Tutors and Cudy Counsellors. We provide PSLE preparation tutors and counselors to help you and your child prepare for the PSLE.

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