Is Your Toddler Ready for Playgroup?

Written By: Cudy

6th April 2021

Tips to Help Your Little One to Settle in

Your toddler is now old enough to attend playgroup. So, is he ready? Well, yes and no. Most toddlers are ready to start playgroup by their second birthday.

However, as with most things in life, there are exceptions to the rule. Some toddlers are ready at an earlier age, and some take a little longer to get there.

If you’re unsure about whether your toddler is ready for playgroup, consider the following:

Are you happy for your toddler to go to playgroup?

If you’re not sure about your toddler going to playgroup, it’s probably best not to go ahead.

There will be times when he is happy to be there and times when he isn’t so keen. It’s important that you know how your toddler feels about it before you commit to taking him.

Is your toddler interested in other children?

If your toddler is interested in other children, it’s likely that he will enjoy playgroup. However, even if he isn’t interested in other children at the moment, this can change.

If you are concerned about his lack of interest, you can try to encourage him by talking about other children and their toys or by playing with him and others.

It may be that he will only be interested in playing with a certain type of toy or only with certain people. This is fine too.

Does your toddler know how to play independently?

This is one of the most important things for a toddler to learn before going to playgroup. At home, your toddler should be able to play independently without your constant supervision.

If he isn’t able to do this, it will make it very difficult for him when he goes into a room full of toys and excited toddlers!

He will need to learn how to join in with other children without having you there holding his hand all the time.

Does your toddler have a lot of energy?

If your toddler has lots of energy and likes to run around and shout (or even scream!), then this may not be ideal for the group setting.

Toddlers are much happier when they can run around freely outside or at home. More than they are inside where there are more rules and restrictions placed on them!

This is another reason why being able to play independently is so important before going into a group setting – so that you can let go off his hand now and again!

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