Mastering Secondary School History essays

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14th May 2021

The Advanced History GCSE is more difficult than the O Level and A Level courses. Therefore, the most important thing you can do is to practice writing essays. Here are some tips to mastering secondary school history essays,

I suggest that you look at the essays written by your peers and use them as a guide to what you should be doing.

Then work on these essays yourself. Once you are comfortable with writing the basic history essay structure, then you can look at the essays of the top students and learn from them.

The main thing is to get a good grasp of the exam format and how you should approach writing the essay. This will help you to pass with flying colours.

Another important thing is to know the past papers and try to write essays on the past papers. This will help you to understand how your teachers want you to write the essay.

The most important thing is not just to write essays, but also to have fun while doing it. This will make the process of writing much easier and less stressful.

Now, I will give you some tips on how you can write a good essay:

  • You should begin with a clear thesis statement. You should then proceed to develop this thesis in your essay.
  • Make sure that your paragraphs are linked together by a common thread. This is especially important if you are writing an extended essay.
  • Don’t forget that your essay must be well written and contain proper grammar and spelling as well as correct punctuation.

The best way of ensuring this is by using a spell checker before submitting your work. It is better still if you get someone else to proof read it for you before submission. A second pair of eyes always helps!

  • Make sure that you use the appropriate referencing style. You can find out more about this by going to the AQA website and clicking on the Secondary History website.

In summary, if you have a good grasp of the essay structure and you know how to write a good essay, then you will be able to score high marks in your exams.

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