Raising Bilingual Kids: Reasons to Encourage and Inculcate the Use of Mother Tongue

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24th April 2023

Raising Bilingual Kids: Reasons to Encourage and Inculcate the Use of Mother Tongue

Encouraging the use of mother tongue is a very sensitive issue and it can raise eyebrows among some people.

Some might think that it will hinder the development of English language skills or, worse, it could result in the child not being able to communicate with others.

However, this is not true. In fact, raising bilingual kids is an advantage for them because it develops their cognitive abilities and improves their academic performance.

In addition, speaking their mother tongue has many other benefits such as:

1.Helping children to feel more comfortable in expressing themselves.

Because they are more at ease using their native language.

2. It helps them to identify with their own culture better.

As they are more exposed to it since they will be using it regularly while interacting with people who share the same language background as them.

3. They will have a stronger bond with other family members and relatives who speak the same language.

Since, they can easily communicate with each other using that language without having to resort to another one. Such as English which might not be very familiar or comfortable for them to use all the time when talking to family members or relatives.

4. It helps them to develop their cognitive abilities better.

Since they are exposed to a new way of thinking and a different way of expressing themselves.

5. It will make them more open-minded and aware of the diversity of cultures.

Meanwhile, they are exposed to many people who speak different languages. This will enable them to relate better with other people.

Because they will not feel threatened. In fact that they do not understand what is being said or cannot speak the language being used.

6. It also allows children to have better command of their native language

Since, they are using it regularly and, therefore, are able to learn more about it in the process.

In summary

There are many benefits of raising bilingual kids. It is important to encourage them to use their mother tongue even if they are living in a country where the dominant language is English.

This will help them to have a better command of their native language and improve their cognitive abilities.

In addition, they will be able to develop a stronger bond with family members and relatives who speak the same language as them.

They will also be more at ease using it and this will enable them to express themselves better.

When children are exposed to other languages and cultures, they will become more open-minded and aware of the diversity of languages and cultures.

This will enable them to relate better with other people who speak different languages or belong to different cultures.

In short, speaking their mother tongue is not a disadvantage for bilingual kids. On the contrary, it has many benefits for them.

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