Redesign Your LMS for Corporate Training

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1st October 2021

Planning for a corporate training program is a bit different than designing a corporate learning program. With the latter, you are designing a learning solution that you want your employees to use.

When planning for corporate training, you are designing an LMS that will be used by an external trainer to deliver training to your employees. The good news is that you have more control over the design of the LMS, which means you can make it work better for your business.

Here are five things to consider when redesigning your LMS for corporate training:

1. Consider how often you need trainers to log in and use the system.

It’s important to determine how often your trainers will be using the LMS. If they are training employees once a year, you may not need to provide them with extensive administrative privileges. However, if they are training employees every month, you will want to make sure that they have the appropriate permissions.

2. Give your trainers the ability to easily find content in the LMS.

You want your trainers to spend less time searching for content and more time delivering it. To do this, you should consider tagging all of your course content so that it can be easily found by instructors in the LMS. You can also provide your trainers with a course catalog where they can find everything that is available for them to teach.

Redesign Your LMS for Corporate Training
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3. Design an effective dashboard for instructors.

Trainers don’t have time to hunt around for data about their classes or learners in the LMS. Make sure that you design an instructor dashboard that gives them access to information about courses, classes, learners and other key metrics about their program quickly and easily at any time of day or night so that they can stay on top of everything going on in their programs at all times. Make sure it’s easy for them to access the information they need and take action on it.

4. Make sure your LMS supports external trainers.

A big difference between corporate training and corporate learning is that in the former, you have an external trainer who is delivering the training for you. When you are designing your LMS for corporate training, make sure that it can support an external trainer delivering content through it.

5. Build a self-service portal for your trainers.

Redesign Your LMS for Corporate Training
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Most corporate trainers will be working with other internal stakeholders, such as managers and supervisors, in addition to their learners. Make sure that your LMS has a self-service portal where trainers can manage these relationships without involving you or other IT staff members every time they need to add or remove someone from a class or set up a new account for them in the system.

The last thing you want is for someone to spend time trying to get an admin involved every time they need to change something about their class or their learners’ accounts in the system – especially if they are using the system often and/or are not in your office every day. Self-service portals will save you time and frustration, which means they will also save you money over time!

To design good corporate training that is most suitable for your business and employees, try CudyLMS. This software allows you to reduce administrative cost and streamline your operations procedures.

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