Sales Team Enablement: How to Train Your Sales Team Toward Success Using an LMS

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23rd April 2023

Sales Enablement: How to Train Your Sales Team Toward Success Using an LMS

Training and development professionals have a challenge. We task them with building a training program that is both valuable to the sales team and easy to follow.

But many times, sales enablement programs fail. Mostly because they lack structure, aren’t integrated into the business or sales cycle, or simply aren’t effective.

And with limited time and resources, it can be difficult to figure out how to solve these problems.

But here’s some good news: you don’t have to start from scratch when building your next training program. There are many examples of how other companies have succeeded in training their sales teams—and how you can do the same.

Here are three best practices that can help you build a sales enablement program that actually works.

Sales Team Enablement: How to Train Your Sales Team Toward Success Using an LMS
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Determine Which Content Should Be in Your LMS

What content is most valuable for your sales team? Is it product knowledge? Sales tactics? Communication skills?

By determining what topics matter most, you can better organize your content and build a curriculum that helps close more deals faster.

For example, our new Enablement Content Curation feature lets you curate relevant content from third-party sites and add it directly into your LMS as part of your training program.

You can also set up courses that group relevant content together for easy access.

Add a Gamification Element

Salespeople are competitive by nature, so why not tap into that? Gamification in sales enablement programs has been shown to increase engagement and learning, and also provides some fun during otherwise tedious training sessions.

Sales leaders can take this one step further by implementing a leaderboard or giving sales reps prizes for completing their training.

Make It Easy to Track Progress

Tracking a sales rep’s progress through their training program is key to ensuring they are learning the skills they need to succeed. However, many companies have trouble tracking this data because they use multiple systems or don’t know how to set up the necessary data points.

To solve this problem, you can build custom reports in your LMS that help you track sales rep progress on your training program over time.

Sales Team Enablement: How to Train Your Sales Team Toward Success Using an LMS
Photo by Surface on Unsplash.

Learn More about LMS with Cudy

Incorporating these three best practices into your next sales enablement program will help you make sure your team has the skills they need to succeed—and hopefully achieve those coveted sales targets!

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