Singapore Math and Other Math Learning Methods

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23rd April 2023

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What is Singapore Math?

Singapore Math tutoring is a system for teaching math. The Singapore math program has been used in Singapore since the 1980s.

It is based on the idea that kids should learn math for fun, and the focus should be on problem-solving rather than learning math formulas. The principal goal of Singapore Math is to teach kids how to understand key concepts and think of how to solve problems rather than memorizing formulas.

There are four fundamental aspects of Singapore Math: Number Sense, Mental Math, Understanding Concepts, and Problem Solving.

All four are equally important, and all students should learn them throughout their years in school. Here explains each aspect:

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Number Sense

Number sense means that kids should learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers with ease. The key here is not just to memorize formulas, but also to understand how the formulas work.

Mental Math

This means that kids should be able to do mental calculations using no paper or calculator. This includes adding up bills in your kid's head when they help you shop, adding up tips at restaurants, etc.

Understanding Concepts

This means that kids should understand what fractions mean, what square roots mean, etc. It also means that they should understand how these concepts work.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving means that kids should be able to solve math problems with their method. This means that the Singapore Math program is based on the idea that kids should solve problems by thinking about them thoroughly and not just using formulas. 

What Does a Math Tutor Do?

A Singapore Math tutor helps students understand math concepts and apply them in real-life situations. He or she also helps students understand what challenging questions and difficulty levels are involved in a particular subject and teaches them how to solve them.

Why Should You Hire a Singapore Math Tutor?

Singapore Math differs from the way other math programs are taught in a school lesson. Kids will have to learn it if they want to get good grades in their exams, but if they don’t understand it, it will be tough for them to pass their exams and get good grades.

Therefore, the main reason you should hire a Singapore Math tutoring service is that he or she can help your child understand math better and learn the subject better to do well in his or her exams.

Math is an integral part of life. It is not a subject that your child studies only for an exam and forgets after passing the exam as a part of their primary school education program. A good learning experience in math will help your kid make better decisions in their life.

How to Find Good Math Tutors in Singapore

There are many math tutors in Singapore. But how do you know which one is good?

The answer to that question is by making sure the tutor is certified and experienced. There are many unqualified maths tutors in Singapore. The only way to check if the tutor is an accredited teacher is to see if they have a teaching license.

Another thing to look for is his or her educational background. Some maths tutor has not studied the subject that they are teaching.

Some have not even studied it at the university level. They might have read some books on the subject, but that does not make them fully qualified teachers.

You should make sure that your maths tutor has studied at least one year of the university-level course on the subject he or she is teaching. 

The last thing you should check is whether your math tutor online uses modern teaching methods or old traditional methods of teaching to explain mathematical concepts.  If you ask the online tutor to teach you something using the traditional method, they will do it, but if you ask them to teach you using modern techniques, they can teach you in a better way. 

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash.

What is Better, Mathnasium or Singapore Math?

Mathnasium is a popular math program that has been used in the US for many years. Singapore Math is a math program developed in Singapore and has been used there since the 1980s. 

Both programs are outstanding, but they are pretty different from each other. They have different goals and use different teaching experiences to teach math. Singapore Math focuses on problem-solving, while Mathnasium focuses on memorizing formulas.

As mentioned above, the major goal of Singapore Math is to teach kids how to think and solve problems rather than memorize formulas. The goal of Mathnasium is to teach kids how to use formulas to solve problems more quickly.

In this way, both programs are excellent, and both can help your child learn math better and get good grades in his or her exams.

Build a Good Math Foundation for Your Children

In conclusion, the best math program for your child is the one that he or she has a firm foundation of and enjoys the most. It depends on your kid's ability.

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