Singapore Moms: Preparing Your Child for Primary 1

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14th April 2023

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Your children’s first year in school includes a lot of new things for them. With new teachers, new environment, and of course, new classmates, their world will get bigger and bigger from now on. This kind of change will help them improve themselves, be open to more opportunities, self-growth, and improves their social relationship with others. 

Getting Your Children Ready

From the age of 0 to 6, the brain of your children usually seeks to learn new things and get curious about everything – even the little stuff. During these years, they develop a different kind of skills such as social skills, habitual responses, motor skills, and emotional control.

In primary schools of Singapore, students are taught to build a solid foundation of these skills which will be their weapon for a balanced life as well as being positive towards life’s circumstances. In one study at Duke University, building a solid and secure communication with the teachers of your children and monitoring the changes in them is important during their first year in school. 

Here are some tips which will help both of you to prepare for the new phase of their lives. 

Establish a Concept of Structure

In this period of early childhood, most children in Singapore and in many parts of the world don’t visualize any structures yet. However, this period in their life is the perfect time to introduce them to new routines. Help your children to be responsible and have discipline in themselves by introducing them to useful routines

Identify People in School

Going to school means your physical presence is not with your children, so it’s important to teach your children about who are the people they can approach if they need assistance when you are not around. Help them to recognize these people as friendly and trustworthy figures so that they will feel secure and comfortable in their new environment. 

Introduce Your Children to the Basic Skills of Literacy and Numeracy

Learning the basic skills of numeracy and literacy is not just essential for English subject, but they are also important in every subject they will take in the future. So, while they are still young, make sure to build a solid foundation with these skills. 

Come Up with Simple Goals

To make this experience less frightening for your children, set goals that are simple since they are still adjusting to this new phase in their lives. With these simple goals, your children will be organized, aware of time as well as what is happening around them, and most especially, they will develop good habits. 

Practice Them to be Independent

Practicing them to be independent might be intuitive, but it will help them to feel more comfortable in the environment they are in. Helping them to be independent means you are also helping them to be responsible. Many Singaporean moms are teaching their children to be independent at a very young age – because for them, pushing their children a little, will help them to do better. 

There are many ways that Singaporean moms used to prepare their children for primary 1 – and all helpful and useful to their children. Regardless of which way you will use, education is the most important component of their individual growth. That’s why, we, at Cudy, offer online tuitions which will help your little one to prepare for the next school years. 

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