Singaporean Tiger Moms: Are You Too Strict with Your Children?

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14th April 2023

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If you are doing some household chores or even something important and your child bothers you a lot, what is your initial response? Do you shout at them? Do you give them some punishments?

What about if he/she is not doing good in school? Do you ground him/her? 

Well, honestly speaking, every Singaporean parent has their own style and way of disciplining their children – especially if they did something bad and wrong. But there are some Singaporean parents who go overboard and overreacts with their way of disciplining. 

So, how will you know if you are being too strict or harsh with your children? 

Here are the signs that will tell you if you’re becoming rigid and tough with your children and some ways to avoid it. 

The Rules You Set are Way Too Much

There’s nothing wrong with setting rules. It is one of the ways that will help your children to be organized and responsible for themselves. If rules are followed properly, there would be peace in your household. Instead of adding rules over and over again, why not make it simple so that everyone will be able to follow it? Plus, simple rules are easy to remember too.

You Overstep Your Boundary as a Mom

In Singapore, moms should be the primary example to their children about everything like doing great in school, acting in front of other people, treating others, etc. But moms don’t have to get involved with the personal issues of their children. Getting involved is always the root of the debate. Make sure to set your boundary with your child and know when to get involved or not. 

Saying Words You Do Not Mean Because You are Just Filled with Emotions

At some point, your emotions will fill you and end up saying words that you don’t actually mean. Not all kids are the same when it comes to their perspective – and saying mean words will actually affect their feelings and mindset. To avoid this thing, you need to walk away, pause for a while, and calm yourself. Don’t let your anger control your mouth. 

Not Giving Enough Time to Your Children

From time to time, your children will ask you some help for a difficult task – and as a Singaporean tiger mom, you ordered them to do the task by themselves, which is entirely wrong. Make some time for your children to help them when they needed a hand and guide them every step of the way. 

Nagging, Reminding, and Playing the Role of a Cop

Well, it is normal to portray the role of guardian, reminder, and mediator, but, if you are not giving them breathing space, then, know how to step back and let your kids learn from their mistakes. 

Your Kids Do Not Have Time to Play and Most of the Time, They Work

Your children are normal people too. Yes, it’s normal if you ask them to do household chores, do their homework, attend online tuitions, etc. But they also need some time for a break – specifically playing outside with their friends. Catching up with different people will teach them what the world means and understand everything that is happening around them. 

These are only some of the signs of being a Singaporean tiger mom. Disciplining your children while they’re still young can surely help them to lead the right direction, but you don’t have to be strict at all times and be a part of Singaporean tiger moms. If you will be too strict at all times, you may not get along or bond with your kids. Here at Cudy, we don’t just provide academic classes, but we also guide our children to the model of our society. Since we are introducing live-streamed tuition, we can also help parents who are having difficulties in honing their children in a positive way. Head on to and learn more about us and the classes we are offering. 

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