Solving Tuition’s Financial Strain

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28th August 2018

A Growing Problem

Considering how most parents place emphasis on tuition to guarantee top-notch results for their child, they’ll not be unfamiliar with the extra financial baggage it brings. According to Channel News Asia (2018), 73% of parents admit to the financial strains that come packaged with tuition.

It comes as no surprise though, as the monthly spending on tuition estimates to a total of $364 per child.

A typical example of how willing parents are to spend extra cash on tuition is, Mrs Teo Lai Fong.

(Adapted from Channel News Asia, 2018)

Despite the heavy financial responsibility of raising a family with 5 children on a household income of $8,000/month, Mrs Teo Lai Fong believes that tuition is a worthwhile investment to secure her children a spot in a good school. Furthermore, she has plans to send all her children for tuition if her budget permits.

This is coherent with the 67% of parents that agree tuition is a sure-cut way to a good school.

But it remains a fact that tuition weighs down on the finance of most households, as seen in the example of Mrs Teo. Is getting tuition for your children a sustainable solution?


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