Teaching Fundamental And Learning Aspect Of Singapore Math

Written By: Cudy

23rd April 2021

What is Singapore Math?

It is a systematic approach to math. This means that you learn math concepts and apply them to real life situations.

For example, I had my son do this activity to learn how to count money. This is a really important skill for children to learn. You never know when they will need to buy something or give someone money.

After you get the hang of counting the money you can have your child add the coins together and then add the bills together.

This really helps reinforce the concepts that he has learned and he is learning them in a fun way! I think this is a great resource!

Singapore Math is based on three important aspects:

Fundamental Aspect: The math curriculum is designed to be sequential and cumulative. This means that every concept builds on previous concepts.

In the beginning, they will learn about addition and subtraction. Then, they will learn about multiplication and division.

Then, fractions, decimals, etc.

Learning Aspect: Students are encouraged to think for themselves by problem solving real life situations and having fun while doing it!

They do this by creating different shapes to solve problems in a creative way!

Teachers are encouraged to teach with creativity!

Instead of using a traditional chalkboard or overhead projector teachers can use items around the classroom like chalkboards, white boards, iPads or any other technology tools that you have available!

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