Technology in the Classroom – Good or Bad?

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5th June 2021

Have you ever thought about the pros and cons of technology in the classroom? Teachers have to stay up-to-date with all the latest gadgets and tools. That can help them provide better learning experiences for their students.

However, there are some concerns about how much technology has used in classrooms today. Â There are two different viewpoints on this topic.

For one, technology in the classroom is a good thing. For example, the ability to use Google Apps and iPads in classrooms can help students with various academic subjects, such as math and science.

In addition, using technology can also help students learn how to type more quickly. As a result, they can spend more time writing essays and other assignments. Instead of spending hours typing out their papers on the computer.

However, there are some who believe that technology is not helpful in classrooms. For example, when teachers use projectors and other technologies during lessons, students often pay less attention to what the teacher is saying. Because they have distracted by all the visuals around them.

As a result, it becomes difficult for teachers to communicate with their students effectively. Because everyone has just focused on what’s happening on the screen instead of what’s being said by the teacher.

Another concern about technology in classrooms is that some students tend to become lazy. When they know that they can use a computer or iPad to complete assignments instead of writing them out by hand.

While this may be true for some students, most kids have no problem using technology for educational purposes. As long as it has used correctly and not just for entertainment purposes only.

What do you think? Is technology good or bad for classrooms? Do you think it should be used in classrooms or not? Share your thoughts! Read more similar posts about Technology Changes the Education System: Are Schools still relevant? or other posts on Cudy Blog page.

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