Technology is making Tuition even more Convenient: Here’s How!

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30th March 2023


Difficulty in Seeking Tuition

Today’s demanding academic environment requires students to improve weak areas and clarify concepts even before stepping into the classroom. As a parent, you’ve probably experienced the difficult task of seeking out tuition for your child. Good news: Technological advances have made it much easier to stay up-to-date on your children’s progress, ensure you’ve chosen the right tutors, and settle payments on-the-go. 


Stay updated on your child’s lessons and progress

It’s often hard for parents to understand the big picture and make informed decisions about their child’s learning developments and difficulties. In fact, many parents don’t even know how their children are doing until parent-teacher meetings, and by then, a school term or more may have already gone by. 

live-streaming tuition allows students to learn right from the comfort of their own homes, using just a laptop or mobile device. This also allows parents to oversee tuition sessions, without needing to physically accompany their child to classes, as in the case of traditional tuition. This way, parents can gain a better idea of what their children are doing, practicing, and learning during tuition sessions, and discuss these matters with them if necessary. 


Speak with tutors anytime, anywhere

Technology also makes it easier to speak with the tutors you’re hiring, to clarify matters and gain feedback on your child’s progress in their subjects. With traditional tuition, it can be hard to schedule face-to-face meetings into our busy lifestyles, but with live-streaming tuition, you can arrange a high-quality face-to-face meeting anytime and anywhere, using your laptop or mobile. 


Make payments quickly and easily

live-streaming tuition services also make settling payments much easier. For example, personalized dashboards allow easy scheduling and payment of lessons, as these can be viewed and settled at a glance. No need to spend time coordinating to and fro with tutors, as you just need to sign into the online system and pay at the click-of-a-button. 

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Cudy is an online marketplace for real-time learning where students can achieve mastery over their subjects by learning live from educators who are passionate about providing the best learning experience for their students.

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