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14th June 2018

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The Dawn of Augmented Reality

Still remember Pokemon Go? It captivated and united players in an immersive augmented world of Pokemons in your favourite locations. Augmented Reality (“AR”) has been widely used in entertainment to create experiences through our daily consumer mobile devices. The technology mixed with the right use cases has proven itself to be an addictive combination that captivates its users.

Augmented Reality x Education

What happens when you mix AR with education? Cudy, offering online tuition in Singapore, will be a key provider of the latest technologies to further enable its virtual classroom technology and services. This will further enhance the experience of students and tutors as they would be able to enjoy the benefits of learning in a 360 virtual classroom environment. Find out about the upcoming trend in the education technology industry and learn how Apple, Google and Facebook are using AR for experiential learning.

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