The daily life of a School Prefect

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24th April 2023

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Student Prefects are students who have chosen to represent their peers in the areas of school discipline and student welfare.

Student Prefects have the power to enforce school rules, issue detention sentences and mete out punishments to students who break the school rules.

How are the Student Prefects chosen?

The School Prefectorial Board (SPB) consists of teachers, peer group leaders and senior students. It is primarily this body who choose the student representatives for the SPB elections.

The SPB then elect one member from each form class to be part of the Student Prefectorial Board (SPB).

The SPB then chooses three of its members as Student Prefects for their year level or Form class.

These student representatives will go on to be part of the School Council. Their function is to assists with several aspects of school life including curriculum issues, co-curricular activities or school events like Speech Day and House Competitions etc.

What are some examples of discipline cases Student Prefects deal with?

There are many types of disciplinary issues that student prefects should concerned in schools on a daily basis:

i) Students not turning up for their classes.

ii) Students being late for their classes.

iii) Student who talk in class or are distracting other students.

iv) Students who do not pay attention in class or are disruptive during lessons.

The Student Prefect has the power to issue detention sentences and mete out punishments to students who break school rules. The maximum number of detention sentences that can be issued per day is two (2).

The punishments has three levels, depending on the severity of an offence committed by a student:

i) Level 1 Punishments: These include verbal warnings and reminders to stop misbehaving; these are verbal format only.

ii) Level 2 Punishments: These include written warnings with names of students involved; these are in written format only.

These include detentions, which may conducted in school after school hours or during recess/lunch break. It depends on how many detentions a student has already received that day.

If more than two (2) detentions conducted on a school day. The student will have to serve them on the next working day.

iii) Level 3 Punishments: These include formal detentions that are immediately handed over to a student who is found to be violating the school rule.

Students who receive Level 3 Punishments in writing are required to serve them in school as soon as they receive it. Also, they may not be able to join other optional activities such as games or field trips during that period.

If more than three (3) detentions are handed to a student in one day, the student will have to serve them on the next working day.

What do Student Prefects wear?

Student prefects wear badges and ribbons on their uniforms (for boys), and badges only (for girls).

In addition, prefectorial students also wear blue vests over their white shirts and black pants with shoes during recess time.

Student prefects' badges bear the school crest, name of the prefectorial board and number of years for which they are appointed.

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