The Future of Tuition: Finding the Right Tutor has just gotten Easier

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1st January 2018

The Search for the Right Tutor

Finding the right tutor tends to be a frustrating process. With so many factors to consider – cost, distance, tutor’s level of expertise and teaching style – it’s never easy to find a good match. Parents find themselves spending lots of time (and cash) looking through advertisements, and taking children to classes that end up not being a good fit. 

However, we’re now entering the digital age, and with that comes some good news – the search for the right tutor is becoming easier and more efficient. Here’s how: 

Try more classes while wasting less time and money

Livestreaming tuition recreates the classroom environment online, allowing students to attend lessons with tutors from all over the country, using just their laptop. As such, it’s become much easier to try out new classes – just turn on your laptop and tune in! In this way, your child can enjoy a trial class without having to invest too much time or money in the process. 

Access high quality tutors at your fingertips

Functioning like an online tuition centre, livestreaming tuition allows you to browse high-quality tutors from a centralized database online. Tutors at Cudy need to pass stringent checks before joining the platform, so parents and students can be sure that their child receives only the best academic guidance. 

Wider variety of tutors

With livestreaming tuition, distance is no longer an issue, as tutors and students can connect online. This makes it easier to find the right tutor as one doesn’t have to rule out high-quality tutors who are located far away. 

Through Cudy’s livestreaming tuition, it’s easier to find the right tutor as you can try out more classes in less time. We’re also offering a free trial lesson to help your child find the best fit! Cudy offers online tuition in Singapore, find out more at

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