The Surprising Way Preschool Affects Your Child’s Future Success

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14th April 2023

The Surprising Way Preschool Affects Your Child's Future Success

Your preschooler is growing in so many ways. And while you may think about all the amazing things he’s learning and mastering, you might not realize that what he’s doing at preschool is setting the stage for his future success.

What your preschooler is learning at school now can affect his success later in life, whether it’s learning to work with others, building confidence, or making a firm foundation for math and literacy skills.

The key is to make sure that he’s getting the best possible education for his age and developmental stage.

What Preschool Can Do For Your Child

At this age, preschool is a place where your child can learn many important things:

Social skills

He’ll learn how to get along with others. You’ll see him play cooperatively with other children and begin learning how to share and take turns.

He’ll also learn how to communicate with others and interact in small groups of peers.

These social skills will help him succeed in school later on, as well as prepare him for life as an adult.

Physical development

Your child will continue building strength, coordination, agility, balance, endurance, flexibility, and body awareness.

He can do it through activities like running around outside during recess or doing arts & crafts projects that require fine motor skills (like cutting).

When he learns new physical skills like running or jumping or riding a bike without training wheels, he builds self-confidence—a feeling that you can do things you couldn’t do before.

Language skills

He’ll continue to learn how to use words to express his needs and wants. He’ll start putting two-word sentences together and might even learn a few three-word sentences.

As he gets older, he’ll use language in more sophisticated ways—asking questions, describing things, and talking about events in the past or future.

His academic achievement will increase as he learns to read and write.

The Surprising Way Preschool Affects Your Child's Future Success

Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash.

Linguistic development

Your child will begin learning how to read and write, using letter sounds to decode words (even though he can’t yet read whole words).

As he gets older, he’ll learn how to spell and write stories with increasingly complex sentences.

Linguistic development and academic success go hand in hand. If your child is a late talker, it‘s more likely that he‘ll have difficulty learning to read.

If he learns to read well, he‘ll have a head start on reading and writing in school.

Math skills

Your child will begin learning basic math concepts like counting, matching numbers with objects, telling time on an analog clock, sorting objects by size or color, or sorting shapes by color or number of sides.

He’ll also begin learning some basic geometry concepts like comparing two shapes (like a circle and a square) or identifying shapes (like triangles) when they’re rotated in different directions.

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Scientific study

As your child gets older, he’ll notice patterns in the world around him and make observations about it. This is the beginning of science.

He’ll also be learning how to measure things with a ruler and measuring things in the surrounding environment.

Raise Successful Children Now

In conclusion, preschool is a time for your child to learn many important skills. It’s a time for him to have fun and build his self-confidence, and a time for him to prepare for the future.

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