Tips to Find The Right Chinese Tuition Tutor

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18th April 2021

A tutor will help you to build your vocabulary, improve your listening skills and enhance your overall fluency.

But it is important to find the right Chinese tutor for you. Here are some tips on how to find the right Chinese tutor:

1. Experience

It is important that you choose a tutor who has experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

While all tutors have some level of knowledge of the language, those who have experience will be able to tailor their lessons to suit your needs and goals.

They will also be able to make suggestions for learning resources and will know how best to make use of your time with them.

2. Lessons per week

While it is tempting to look for a Chinese tutor who offers lessons at a low price, there are other things that should take priority when choosing a tutor.

One thing that you should look out for is the number of lessons per week as this will affect how much progress you can make with them. Ideally, a good tutor should offer at least 2 or 3 lessons per week and they should be long enough (1 hour or more).

So that you can cover more material in each lesson. This way, even if you only meet once or twice per week, you will still be able to progress quickly with them.

3. Tutor’s Availability

While it would be nice if your tutor was available 24/7, this isn’t always possible so it is important that they are at least available during the times when you want to study with them.

Some tutors only offer classes during daytime hours while others only offer evening classes or private lessons after work.

If possible, try and meet your tutor in person before committing to a long-term contract so that you can ask them about their availability and find out whether they are suitable for your schedule or not.

4. Tutor’s Personality & Temperament

It might seem like an odd thing to think about but your tutor’s personality can have a big impact on how effective their lessons are for you!

It would be best if your tutor has a positive attitude towards teaching Chinese as a foreign language (otherwise why would they be doing it?)

But if possible, try and meet them in person before signing up with them so that you can see whether their personality suits yours or not (it would be pretty awkward if someone who likes drinking beer teaches English at a university!).

In summary, it is important to find a Chinese tutor who has experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, offers lessons at least once or twice per week.

This is available during the times when you want to study with them and has a personality that suits yours.

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