Top 3 challenges and solutions on how to select a good tutor

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28th May 2021

After all, there are many good reasons to seek help from a tutor. So what are the challenges you need to face?

#1. Finding a good tutor can be a time-consuming process

Finding a good tutor can be a time-consuming process.

There are many places you can look for tutors: Craigslist, Google, newspaper ads, Facebook groups and word of mouth.

Once you have found some tutors, how do you know which one is the best? This is where your problem begins.

How do you compare different tutors? Are they qualified? What are their teaching styles? What methods do they use? All these questions can be very difficult to answer when you are looking for a tutor online.

Some teachers may claim that they teach English for native speakers and yet their grammar is not correct and their vocabulary is very limited.

The best way to avoid these bad teachers is to ask for references from other students who have taken lessons with them before. Good teachers will give you references.

Because it helps build their reputation as well as show that they care about helping students learn English well and not just earning money from it.

Another thing you should do is try to find out if the teacher has any certification or diploma in ESL or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Certification means that the teacher has passed certain tests on his/her ability.

To teach students effectively while TEFL means that he/she has gone through an intensive training program where he/she learns how to teach foreign languages (not just English) effectively.

To find out if your teacher has any certification or diploma, ask him/her about it directly or check on his/her LinkedIn profile or personal website for any mention of these things.

In addition, I would also suggest that you try to find out what his/her education background is as well.

Because this will tell you whether he/she knows how children learn best at different ages. Whether he/she knows how people learn foreign languages most effectively at different ages (e.g., adults vs children).

#2. Finding a good tutor can be expensive

Finding a good tutor can be expensive. There are many tutors who charge anywhere from $15-$40 per hour, which can add up to hundreds of dollars per month!

Even though tutoring may cost a lot of money, it is still the best way to learn English quickly and effectively.

There are many reasons why you should consider paying for private lessons with a tutor. First, you will get individualized attention that you would not get in group classes or even online classes (depending on your teacher).

Second, your teachers will have more time to focus on you and help you understand the material better.

Because they do not have to worry about other students in the class and also teach them at the same time.

Third, there is no pressure from other students or a teacher if you are shy or feel like you are not learning as fast as others in the class so there is no pressure to perform well on tests or presentations.

#3. Finding a good tutor can be difficult when looking online

Finding a good tutor can be difficult when looking online. Because it is hard to know if someone really knows how to teach English well just by looking at their resume or profile online (or even talking with them over the phone).

This is why it is very important that before hiring someone as your tutor. Ask for references from other students who have taken lessons with them before.

So that you know whether they are qualified teachers or not (see #1 above).

In summary, finding a good tutor can be a time-consuming process, expensive and difficult when looking online.

However, if you are patient and ask for references from other students who have taken lessons with them before, it will be easier to find a good teacher that you can trust.

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