Top 5 Tips on How to Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

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22nd April 2023

Top 5 tips on how to help your child overcome shyness

Overcoming shyness is not an easy task. However, with the right strategies and some extra support, you can successfully help your child overcome shyness.

Here are some of the top tips on how to help your child overcome shyness.

1. Understand your child’s shyness

It’s important to realise that shyness is an emotional state, not a character flaw. It doesn’t mean your child is boring or stupid, or lacks confidence. It’s something he feels and it affects his behaviour.

2. Try to stay calm

The more you freak out about your child’s shyness, the more anxious he’ll feel.

He may also believe that his feelings are the same as yours and therefore there must be something wrong with him too. This can lead to low self-esteem and even depression in adulthood.

3. Encourage your child to spend time with other children

Ask him to make friends with other children at home or at school (if he goes). If he isn’t interested in joining in, don’t force him to do so – but make sure he knows you’re there for him if he needs help (see tip 5).

Top 5 Tips on How to Help Your Child Overcome Shyness
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4. Teach social skills gently and positively

It can be hard for parents who have learned social skills naturally from an early age, but it is possible to teach them!

5. Give your child opportunities to practise.

If he’s a child, play with him, show him how to do things and help him out when he gets stuck. If he’s an adult, encourage him to take part in conversations at parties or family gatherings.

In summary

Shyness is a common and natural part of growing up. Most children go through a shy phase at some point. With patience and understanding, your child will soon overcome his shyness and learn to socialise like everyone else.

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