Top 6 tips to get an ‘A’ in secondary Math

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24th April 2023

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At this time of year, everyone is worrying about getting into their first choice university. In this article, we’ll focus on a key aspect of your university application: your grades in secondary school.

If you want to be admitted to your first choice university, you need to have the best grades possible.

So what can you do to achieve these? Here are some tips:

#1 – Improve on weak areas

We all have our weaknesses. Some people are great at mathematics but have a hard time with languages.

Others might be really good at languages but have difficulties with mathematics.

Whatever your weakness is, make sure that you work on it and improve it as much as possible. The better you get at your weak area, the better chance you’ll have of getting an ‘A’ in that subject!

#2 – Study for the Math exam!

Most schools have tests or exams in each subject (Math, Science, Language etc.). If there’s a test coming up for Math and it’s not something that comes naturally to you, start studying early!

It will help if you go over past exams or old papers so that you know what kinds of questions they ask and how they test students on specific topics.

You should also look over old exam papers to see what grade would be expected for each level of examination.

That way when the actual exam comes around, you won’t be too surprised by the type of questions asked and how difficult they are!

#3 – Stay focused!

The most important thing is to stay focused on your studies. It’s very easy to get distracted and procrastinate, especially if you have other commitments or activities going on in your life.

Make sure that you always get your homework done on time and that you don’t waste time on social media or playing games. You can find out more about staying focused in this article.

#4 – Study for the exam, not for the teacher!

Many students think that if they study well for the exam, then they’ll get a good grade. This is not always true! If you study only for the exam, it means that you won’t know what to do when something unexpected happens during the exam.

#5 – Study from past papers/tests and from resources available online!

It’s very important to study from past papers and tests (in order to know what topics will be tested).

You should also use online resources like Wikipedia or other sites that have detailed information about Math concepts so that you can learn more about them. It might seem difficult at first but it gets easier with practice!

#6 – Work hard and have fun while doing it!

If you’re studying for the Math exam, you need to put in the effort and do your best. At the same time, you need to make sure that you have fun while doing it!

For example, if you’re doing an online course like math tutoring or another self-study program, try to keep it interesting by making up games for yourself or playing music in the background.

What other tips do you have for students who are studying for their Math exams? Share them with us below!

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