What Ιs “Grit” In eLearning Αnd Why Your Online Learners Need It To Succeed

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18th April 2023

What Ιs “Grit” In eLearning Αnd Why Your Online Learners Need It To Succeed

Online learning programs need grit.

We all know the importance of grit, right? But what is it exactly? And why do online learners need it?

According to Angela Duckworth, the author of "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance", grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals. It’s working toward something important to you, in the face of setbacks, challenges and failure.

That definition certainly resonates with me! I’ve been a lifelong learner. I was always interested in new subjects and acquiring new skills as a child.

I was never one to shy away from a challenge either – be it academic or physical. When there was an audience around to witness my effort, I thrived on being pushed outside my comfort zone.

That’s one reason why I enjoy eLearning so much. I love being able to learn something new in the comfort of my own home, at my own pace and on my own schedule! Plus, it gives me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with others in an effort to help them grow as well!

What does this have to do with eLearning though?

The answer is simple: If your online learners aren’t engaged, they won’t stick around long enough to get any real value out of your program. And, as we all know, the main goal of eLearning is to get people to change their behavior.

If they don’t get anything out of it, they’re not going to change. Grit helps with that. Online learners need grit because it gives them the ability to persevere through tough times and stay focused on their goals – even when the going gets tough.

This means that your learners will be more likely to stick with your program long enough to learn what you want them to learn and apply what they learned back in the workplace! Of course, there are other reasons why online learners need grit as well.

What Ιs “Grit” In eLearning Αnd Why Your Online Learners Need It To Succeed
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They include:


Grit is the determination needed to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Grit allows us to overcome obstacles and maintain our focus in spite of them. It gives us a sense of agency – a feeling that we can shape our own lives by acting in ways that build up our skills and capabilities (rather than focusing on external factors). This sense of agency is an important factor in helping us persevere through tough times.


Grit is also associated with self-control. It’s the ability to stay focused on long-term goals in the face of short-term temptations. Self-control is an important factor in helping us overcome obstacles, but it also helps us get through challenging times and keep moving forward.


Grit is associated with grit, motivation and determination as well. These factors help us set long-term goals and maintain our focus on them even when things get tough. And that motivation can be an important part of helping us overcome obstacles as well!

Mental toughness

Finally, grit helps with mental toughness. Mental toughness is the ability to stay focused and motivated even when things are going badly – or even when we feel like giving up altogether!

The ability to persevere through tough times and tough challenges can be a huge asset for your online learners. It gives them the power to overcome challenges and succeed in spite of them!

So, if you want your online learners to learn what you want them to learn – AND apply it back in the workplace – then you need to make sure they have grit! It’s an essential component of learning success – and an essential component of an effective eLearning program!

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