What information are important to parents when it comes to choosing a private tutor?

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24th April 2023

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While predominantly parents desired the tutor’s qualification, especially the industry experience, it is also noteworthy the demand for topic from the students.

Parents who have children above age 7.5 years want their children to improve speaking and listening skills, while those with their elders want their children to be exposed to more academic topics such as maths, science and English.

Selection of Private Tutors

When we asked parents how they expect parents choose a private tutor for their children, 70% owned that they would choose the most reputable company or agency, the next being the most beneficial price.

Some parents who did not have their children either do homework by themselves or do group tutoring through MCL Learn also said that they would like to see the tutors teaching methods, or demo lessons, too.

What is the usual length of a contract with a private tutor?

Parents are generally happy if the tutor stays with them for 6 months to one year, but they hope the teacher could be their child’s tutor for a year at least. 42% of our respondents’ children are already tutored by different teachers in a year.

Do you plan to continue sending your child to a private tutor, and if yes, why? We found almost 67% of respondents have not changed tutors in the past 12-month.

Almost 43% of the parents cited their children were studying with their tutor for over one year, 69% expect their children to study longer with their respective tutor. Many have found perfect harmony between their expectations and the tutor’s professionalism.

9 reasons why parents would change private tutor ASAP

1. Unsporting behavior – from being disrespectful of teachers to being disrespectful to classmates;

2. Poor teaching skill (to teach my child)

3. Extremely rude–people at customer service line or operator is extremely rude – not capable of speaking to people when there’s an issue (issue: this is regarding a phone call);

4. Bad teaching methods – didn’t cover on the topic we’ve discussed with the company in prior

5. Week teacher – repeatedly cancel lessons substantially

6. Left the class without prior notice

7. Didn’t clarify when they’ll be back to the island, untied my child’s emotions and lessons plan

8. pro-ego – tutor is egocentric

9. no conversation – total silent

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