What is the primary role of a tutor?

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22nd April 2023

What is the primary role of a tutor?

In today's society, most people have a full-time job. Many of them work from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. In such a busy society, most parents are not able to spend enough time with their children.

This means that children have to study on their own at home. Therefore, a good tutor can help a child with his/her studies and improve the quality of the child's education.

What is the difference between a tutor and a teacher?

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A tutor and a teacher have the same job. They help students in their education, they have knowledge of a certain subject, and they usually have a graduate or undergraduate degree in education and have their own methods of lesson planning. However, they do not possess the exact same responsibilities. Some of them are:


Classroom teachers give lessons to the whole class. They follow the curriculum and give their students tests and exams.

The teacher's job is to explain concepts and theories to the students. They give them knowledge and offer feedback on homework.


They can be responsible for a small group of students. Tutors do not necessarily have to follow the curriculum. Tutors are responsible for helping a student to understand a particular concept and to help them in learning the subject, so they will have the necessary knowledge to help them in their education.

So, the difference between a tutor and a teacher is that a tutor helps students understand the subject. In contrast, a teacher explains the subject.

Tutors are also responsible for preparing students for exams and improving their exam results. They help students to study independently.

The role of a tutor includes:

Helping a child to develop good study habits

At school, students are learning in a very formal environment. They are taught to sit in a classroom, listen to the teacher and read their textbooks.

However, when students study at home, they do not have a formal environment in which to study. In this case, they have to develop good study habits to learn well at home.

For example, they should turn off the TV when they are studying. They should also make sure that they understand what they are reading before moving on to the next section of their textbook.

In this case, additional study time can help a child get used to studying after school and focus on his/her studies. They will have to study more than the amount of time they spend at school instead of watching TV or playing computer games.

Helping a child to get more out of his/her studies

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Sometimes, children have trouble understanding what they are reading. They may also have difficulty completing their homework. In this case, they can work with tutors to get more out of their studies.

They can teach a child specific subject knowledge that he/she is having trouble with. In addition, they can help a child to learn the material better so that he/she can complete his/her homework on time.

Helping a child to develop social skills

In today's society, children spend much of their time studying on their own at home. In this case, they do not have many opportunities to socialize with other children.

However, social skills are essential for children's professional development in the future. When a student goes to a tuition agency, he/she can interact with other children and practice his/her social skills.

When a student learns with a personal tutor, he/she can also learn more about each other.

Going to school is still the best way for a child to learn and socialize. However, extra study time can also help a child learn more and develop social skills.

What are the traits of a good tutor?

There are many characteristics that make a good tutor. The following are some essential traits.


They should be responsible for the child's studies. He/she should set up a good schedule for the child to follow. He/she should also make sure that the child completes his/her homework on time.


A good tutor should be patient with the child. They should not expect too much from the child at once. He/she should give the child some time to catch up with the class.


Communication is crucial for a good tutor. The tutor and the student should regularly communicate with each other and share their views and ideas to improve their learning.

Without communication, it is difficult for them to find out what the child's strengths and weaknesses are.


Coming up with exciting and creative ideas to teach the child is an essential trait of a good tutor. He/she should use different methods to help the child learn. This is because different children learn in different ways.


A good tutor should also be dedicated to his/her job. A person with a good attitude can make a massive difference in the child's life. Being committed to his/her job means that they will put in extra effort to help the child improve.

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