Why is home tuition important for children?

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13th April 2023

Why is home tuition important for children?

The age group from 7 to 10 years is the most crucial and essential phase in a child's life. This is the time when the foundation of the child's academic and social life is laid.

The process of learning, development and growth of a child during this phase has far-reaching effects on his/her future. Therefore, it is imperative that the home tutor for primary school or home tuition positively impacts the child's development and ensures that he/she does not fall behind in studies.

Home tutors ensure that your child does not miss out on anything from his/her curriculum, even if you cannot make it to the tuition classes. The home tutor for primary school, tuition teacher or home tuition ensures that your child receives personal attention from the tutor and does not have to worry about missing out on anything.

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What are the types of tuition available?

The different types of tuition available are as follows:

Classroom tuition

This is the traditional method of education. One teacher teaches a large number of students in a classroom setting. This method is beneficial for a child who needs to learn in a group environment.

The teachers have undergone extensive training and have years of experience in the field of education. The curriculum followed by the teachers is based on the latest syllabus, which ensures that your child gets the best possible education.

Home tuition

This method of education is prevalent among parents who are unable to make it to the tuition classes due to their busy schedules. In this method, the teacher comes to your home and teaches your child at a time that is convenient for you.

The teacher can be reached at any time, as long as you have access to a phone. The teacher comes to your home and gives your child the best possible education, without the distractions of other children.

Virtual tuition

This method of education is gaining popularity due to its convenience and flexibility. In this method, the student and the teacher communicate via Skype or other forms of video conferencing.

The teacher will then teach the student from his/her home, using a projector or a camera and screen.

How is home tuition different from other modes of education?

The traditional model of education includes a classroom setting at schools with several students being taught by one teacher.

The number of students in a school classroom may vary from primary school to other primary school and is also dependent on the region's state. This method of education is also called the traditional or conventional method.

The concept of home tutoring was introduced to help children who cannot attend regular classes for various reasons.

This method of education involves a one-on-one teacher-student interaction. It is very effective for a child who needs personal attention and specialised attention.

How do you choose a good tuition centre?

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The choice of a good tutoring centre is significant for the child's future. As mentioned above, a good tutoring centre will ensure that your child gets the best education and does not miss out on anything.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good tutoring centre:


It is very important to choose one that has a good reputation. It is better to check the reputation from various sources such as friends, relatives, etc.

This will help you understand the quality of education they provide. You can visit the tutoring centre personally and meet the teachers before enrolling your child.


Ensure that the teachers are qualified and experienced. Check their qualifications and make sure that they positively impact your child's academic development. If you feel that a teacher is not good enough, you can ask for a replacement for that teacher.


Good facilities will help your child concentrate on his/her studies and will not distract him/her with other things. Do not be swayed by the price. Make sure that you are paying for quality education and not for luxurious facilities.


A good tuition centre should be easily accessible, and the timing should be convenient for you and your child. It is best to visit the school or tuition centre yourself before enrolling your child in it.

The teacher should be available when you need them, especially if you need help with your child's education.

Age of the child

The age of the student is also an essential factor. Different age groups require different types of attention. Make sure that the teacher is experienced in teaching children of your child's age group.


The tutor should not have any issues with you paying the fee on time. It is also important that you do not have to pay any additional costs to the tuition centre. Usually, the tuition centre will provide you with the receipt of the payment, and it is also good to ask for a copy of the receipt.

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