Why Literature is important for Students

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17th April 2023

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How is the Literature nowadays?

In this modern and technological world, the importance of literature seems to be decreasing. People are less and less interested in reading books and reading habit is diminishing day by day.

But the fact is that literature is not a luxury it is a necessity. The importance of literature cannot be denied and it is a fact that literature makes us what we are.

Literature makes us think and feel. It helps us to see the world differently and therefore makes us more mature and more intelligent people. Literature is not just about reading books. It is about reading between the lines.

It is a wide field and includes everything from magazines to newspapers and from novels to poems. Literature helps us to explore the world around us. It makes us understand the speech and behavior of other people. Literature teaches us to observe things and to understand them in a better way.

Literature is important for students because it helps them to develop their imagination and creativity, improves their language skills and also enables them to appreciate the arts. It also helps in developing emotional sensitivity and gives them a taste of beauty.

Reading literature helps students to discover the world beyond school. It enhances their knowledge about society, history, science, geography and politics.

Even though they may not understand everything that they read, but as they grow older they will realize how it has helped them in building a strong foundation for life.

Why do Students Read Literature?

Students read literature because it teaches them about the world around them and gives them an insight into human nature. They learn about different cultures from reading literature from other parts of the world through poetry, drama or prose fiction such as novels, short stories, etc., which are written by writers from different countries.

Through this experience students can understand various cultures and societies better as well as develop an appreciation of other’s views. Reading literature also makes reading enjoyable when it is read with understanding rather than mere decoding of words on a page.

The pleasure derived from reading good writing does not come merely from experiencing the story; it comes from experiencing the emotions of characters in a story through their words and actions.

How to Encourage Students to Read Literature?

There are many ways in which students can read literature.

Firstly, the interest of students should be piqued by means of various types of activities such as quizzes, debates, creative writing competitions, etc., where all students are involved.

Secondly, we should choose books that are interesting and entertaining; this will help students develop their reading skills with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Thirdly, we should select literature books that focus on central themes of social relevance or universal values. Such as friendship, love and family relationships etc. So, that young adults can easily relate themselves with them. We need to ensure that they make a connection. Between what they read in literature books with their own lives and experiences.

Fourthly, we must encourage students to talk about their feelings and share ideas about the book. Sharing with others in class or outside class via online forums or other means of communication like social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc..

Thus, that they become more aware about the world around them. Fifthly, we can also encourage students to write creatively and critically about the books they have read on different topics related to human values based on contemporary issues such as pollution or global warming through poetry or short stories.

Final thoughts

It is true that most of the people do not love to read books and it is also true that they are less involved in reading habits. But the fact remains that these people love to be entertained and literature is more than just a form of entertainment. It helps us to discover the meaning of life and our place in it.

Literature helps us to understand ourselves better, which in turn makes us better human beings. If this does not mean anything to you, then you must read some books about human nature, psychology or philosophy and find out what you have been missing all your life.

Literature makes us more thoughtful and helps us to see things from the other person's point of view. It makes us understand what is happening in the world around us and what other people are going through.

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