Why Mathematics is important for Students to master

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14th April 2023

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Mathematics, in the words of former President Barack Obama, is the language and tools that we use to study everything around us.

"By studying math – a universal language – you can gain access to new worlds and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. It's also an integral part of our economy and our culture," said Obama in his 2016 convocation speech at the University of Chicago.

While many believe that mathematics will have little or no bearing on their lives. The truth is that it touches almost every aspect of our lives.

For instance, while it is not essential for one to know how to perform algebraic operations in real life. Normally, we needs to know how to do so.

If he or she wants a career as a top mathematician or as a scientist who uses mathematical principles in his or her work.

The numbers are surround and they are everywhere. Start from the distance traveled by vehicles on the roads. To the speed with which they travel. From the number of people who visit shopping malls during different times of the year. To those who visit museums at certain times of the year.

The applications of mathematics are endless and some people even have a career as professional mathematicians. Its job primarily involves using mathematical principles to solve problems in various fields.

Math application in the real life

Mathematics is one of the most important areas of study in school because it is a building block for other subjects such as science, technology, and the arts. In addition, mastering mathematics is important because its principles can be used to solve problems in real life.

A mathematician uses mathematical principles daily to solve problems on his or her job. For instance, a biologist or a doctor uses mathematical principles to calculate the probability of whether an individual may fall sick with a certain disease.

Some argue that the math taught in school does not apply to life. Also, it has been commonly held that students should only be taught the basics of mathematics. In terms of, it is needed for everyday use.

However, this argument is flawed because most math taught in school is often used every day in businesses and even at home.

For instance, when individuals decide how much money they want to donate to charities. It helps to choose which charity they want to support among the many available options. They are using basic mathematics skills.

Another example is when people go shopping and decide. They could use it on how much money they will spend on each item for purchase. This involves adding up the cost of different items and dividing them by the number of items purchased.

It is important for students to learn about advanced mathematics. Because it allows them to function better in the jobs they hold in the future. A lot of fields in which people work involve using mathematical principles.

For instance, students who take up a career as a software developer can make use of algebra to solve problems in the field.

The Application of math in the career life

Those who study the arts can use calculus to come up with complex financial models for their careers. While those who take up a career as a doctor can make use of probability and statistics to determine how likely patients are to fall sick.

Even students who decide on a career as lawyers or accountants have to make use of advanced mathematics to pass their exams and do well in their careers.

There are several reasons why schools should teach students about more than just basic mathematics such as fractions and multiplication tables. To begin with, this is because it will allow them to compete better with other students from around the world.

Including those from countries whose schools teach advanced mathematics such as applied mathematics, algebra, and geometry. The ability to solve complex puzzles quickly and accurately will give students an advantage over others in the job market.

Because employers often look for people who are able to calculate figures quickly without making mistakes. In addition, most jobs that one can get without having formal qualifications in mathematics require individuals to be good at math.

For instance, many individuals are able to get jobs as personal assistants. Similarly, to the construction workers without having to go through training in mathematics.

However, it is important for them to know how to solve mathematical problems if they want to do these jobs well.

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