Why Phonics and Reading Programmes are Essential for Your Child

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1st April 2021

Reading programmes and Phonics are vital for a child’s development and success in school. In fact, if a child does not receive reading instruction from an early age, it can affect his ability to learn in other areas.

At the same time, reading programmes and Phonics are important for a child’s emotional development. Reading is linked to language development and learning, which is why the benefits of such programmes are significant.

What are Phonics and Reading programmes?

Reading programmes are a structured way of teaching children how to read. They are usually a set of books that have been carefully designed to teach children how to read, one step at a time.

These programmes also usually include some workbooks that can be used to reinforce the information that has been taught in the books.

Phonics is a method of teaching children how to read by learning the sounds of letters and combinations of letters. Once children have learned these sounds, they can use them to sound out words.

Why are Phonics and Reading programmes important?

Phonics and reading programmes are important because:

They help children to become good readers.

Good readers have an enormous advantage over poor readers. Because they are able to understand what they read. This is a major advantage when it comes to completing homework and other schoolwork.

They help children to learn how to spell correctly.

When children learn how to read, they also learn how words are formed, and so they can start to figure out the spelling of words that they have not yet learned.

Why Phonics and Reading Programmes are Essential for Your Child
Photo by Annushka Ahuja on Pexels.

They make learning enjoyable for children.

Children love books, and will be motivated to continue reading if they enjoy it.

They help children to develop their vocabulary.

This is important because it allows children to be able to express themselves better, and therefore they will be more confident when speaking and writing.

They help children to develop their imagination.

Reading books that have been written for a child’s age group helps children to imagine what the characters are doing, and also encourages them to create stories of their own.

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