Why Studying in University Make Students Unhappy?

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25th November 2022

Why does studying in university make students unhappy?

University is a place where students find many opportunities to express their passion and to find friends. But why does it make them unhappy?

Why do some university students prefer a school life, which is full of schedule and has no sense of freedom?

1. Balancing Work and Class

There are many reasons that cause students to become unhappy. One of them is their busy schedule.

Unlike in school when they only need to focus on academic, in university they have many commitments and they must attend all of them.

When they have to attend their classes, work, and may be also club activities, it makes them so busy that they can’t do anything else. Their time for relaxing and having fun become less, and they don’t even have enough time to study.

As a result of that, many university students are struggling to pass the exams and graduate on time.

2. Dormitory Life

Another reason is that some universities require their students to live in dormitory and share room with others.

Students must follow the rules of the dormitory or else the school staffs will punish them. As a result of following those rules, students cannot live in freedom like when they are still at home with their parents.

They can’t watch television when it is too late because the dormitory requires them to keep quiet. They also can’t play music loudly when it is time for sleeping because this might disturb other people.

These rules make students feel so limited and sometimes even depressed or frustrated.

Why Studying in University Make Students Unhappy?
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3. Challenging Courses and Teachers

The last reason is about the studying process itself.

In university, students need to take several courses. Each course has different teachers or even multiple teachers in one class.

Pleasing all those different teachers is a difficult thing to do, especially when they have contrasting class rules from each other.

It may be frustrating to keep up with all those demands and rules, especially for those who have been too familiar with a certain teaching style.

Some professors also often give extra classes or assignments. These extra assignments or classes often require extra time, effort, and concentration.

This can lead to students falling behind in their courses, especially if they don’t have a support system or if they are not well-prepared for their courses.

Manage University Problems with Counsellors

The life in university is challenging.

Many things differ from school, such as their classes, teachers, and classmates. Students must adjust to all of them and manage them.

This is not an easy task. Therefore, many students can’t cope with all the changes, and they become frustrated and unhappy.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with university life and make students happier. Students can adjust their schedule, work on their studying skills, and find a good school to study in.

Moreover, they can seek help from a good counsellor. A good counsellor can help them learn how to cope with all the changes in university life and how to enjoy it more.

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