Working Part Time as an English Literature Student in Delhi: How Much Can I Earn?

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23rd April 2023

Working Part Time as an English Literature Student in Delhi: How Much Can I Earn?

Part-time jobs teaching foreign language are not really hard to find. You can find them on the internet or you can also look in the newspaper. Most of the part-time jobs are easy to do and you can do them at your own pace for your level.

Some part-time jobs are good for those who want to make some extra money for a short period of time. Some part-time jobs are also good for those who want to make some extra money while they go to school or college. This article will talk about one such part-time job which is called tutoring.

A tutor is someone who helps students learn a subject or improve their grades in a subject that they are struggling with in school or college. Tutors come in many forms but the most common form is someone who has taken a course in teaching and has been certified by an educational institution to teach it.

Tutoring is a very common part-time job that many people do in the United States, Singapore, Delhi India, and many other countries.

How much can I earn while working as a part-time tutor in Delhi while studying at Delhi University (English literature)?

The amount of money you can make tutoring depends on your location, your academic degrees, communication skills, and the subject you are tutoring. The amount of money you can make tutoring also depends on the type of tutoring that you do.

The most common types of tutoring are private tutoring and online tutoring. Private tutoring is when you tutor a student in person at their home or school.

Online tutoring is when you tutor a student online using technology such as Skype or other web based technologies. Private tutors usually make more money than online tutors because they are usually better at teaching and have more experience teaching than online tutors.

Private tutors also work more as they need to go to the student's house to teach them face-to-face, while online tutors only need to open their gadget to start teaching.

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Private Tutor

Most private teachers in Delhi charge around Rs.300 to Rs.700 per hour, but there are some who charge more or less depending on the situation.

For example, if a private tutor lives in an area where there is a high demand for private teachers, then they will charge more per hour than someone who lives in an area where there is not much demand for private teachers.

If a private tutor has many years of experience in teaching foreign language, then they will also be able to charge more per hour than someone who has less experience teaching than them.

Online Tutor

Online tutors usually charge around  ₹20,000 per month depending on the subject they are teaching and where they live.

Just like private tutors, if an online tutor is located in a place where there is a high demand for online tutors, then they will charge more per hour than someone who lives in an area where there is not much demand for online tutors.

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BA English Literature Job Opportunities

Aside from private tutoring and online tutoring, there are many other jobs that a BA English Literature student can do. A BA English Literature student can also be a teacher in a school or college, a freelance writer, or they can work as an editor for a publishing company.

BA English Literature Teacher

There are many schools and colleges in Delhi that hire teachers for different subjects. If you are looking to work as an English literature teacher then you should contact your local school or college and ask them if they need any teachers.

You should also tell them what your qualifications are and why you would be good at teaching their students. You should also ask them how much they pay their teachers per hour or per month.

It is always best to get an idea of how much the company pays their employees before you apply for the job so that you will know what to expect when it comes time to negotiate your salary with them.

It is also always best to negotiate your salary before you start working because it is harder to negotiate after you have already started working there than it is before you start working there. Schools and colleges usually pay more for teachers with more experience.

Freelance Writer

There are many websites on the internet that will pay you to write articles for them. Most of these websites will pay you per article but some of them will pay you per hour.

If you are a good writer then this can be a great way to make some extra money. The only downside to writing for these websites is that they do not always have work for you so if you need a steady income then it is best to look into private tutoring or online tutoring.

The upside to freelance writing is that it is a very flexible job and does not require much time so it can be a good job for those who are also in school or college.

BA English Literature Editor

If you have experience editing or proofreading then you can apply to be an editor for a publishing company. The work of an editor is to make sure that the book that they are editing is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, and word usage.

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