3 techniques to excel in your O-level Biology and Chemistry

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25th May 2021

There are 3 ways to excel in your O-level Biology and Chemistry. The first one is be selective. Second, Be prepared. Finally the third is be active. Here are the explanation of the 3 points above, as follows:

Be selective

There are many concepts in Biology and Chemistry. Some concepts are more important than others.

For example, the concept of photosynthesis is very important. It is a topic that you should be able to relate to your life. You must know the major function of each organ in your body.

However, some topics like histology (study of cells) are not very important to you. You should only know the important topics, and not the others.

Be prepared

Don’t just learn for the sake of learning. Learn for a purpose. Learn what you don’t know.

For example, if you don’t know the main function of the ear, the lungs, the heart, etc, learn that. But, if you know all about the body, learn about something else.

Be active

Only doing what you have been told to do is not enough. Try to do things beyond what you have been told to do.

For example, try to explain what you have learnt. Be active in all that you do.

If you are able to do the 3 things mentioned above, you will be able to excel in your O-level Biology and Chemistry.

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