Why Chemistry is Important for Students?

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16th April 2023


Chemistry is a core subject that underpins all of the other sciences. It provides the foundation to understand and interpret scientific concepts in biology, physics, biochemistry, geology, etc. Chemistry is also an important subject for many careers.

The understanding of how matter behaves under different conditions. That is critical for careers in chemical engineering, medicine and health science specialists, environmental sciences, forensic science, and zoology.

It is also the basis for a large number of exciting careers in scientific research, such as biochemistry and pharmaceuticals.

What are the most important concepts to master in Chemistry?

Chemistry is a subject that often requires students to have a good deal of background knowledge. Before they can even begin to understand the more complex concepts.

The following are some of the key concepts that students can expect to encounter in their study of Chemistry. Both at GCSE and A-Level.

What are some examples of Chemistry in everyday life?

Chemistry is found in all aspects of our lives, from food and drink, clothing, energy and medicines.

Chemical processes include the physical properties of water (e.g. density, viscosity, and surface tension). Which are all important for aquatic life and living organisms.

Other chemical processes include the formation of rainbows, the colours on butterfly wings, and the smell of flowers. At home, we use chemistry every day when heating water for a bath or cooking food. Also, in a microwave oven to heat food without using much energy.

We also rely on chemistry when we swim as it is responsible for our buoyancy in water. This is because hydrogen bonds form between water molecules and hold us up in the water like air pockets in a sponge.

What are some examples of Chemistry in work?

Knowledge of chemistry is useful in many professions as a way to develop strong and useful products. There are many career options for chemistry specialists.

These include making clothes that resist stains, cleaning products that kill germs, and sunscreens that protect our skin.

Some chemicals used in industry can be harmful, however. Chemicals have often handled by workers who need a good understanding of the dangers involved to avoid accidents occurring.

As well as knowing how to use such chemicals safely. These workers also have an understanding of how these chemicals react. Along with other chemicals and this helps them understand why certain safety measures have needed when handling them.

Chemistry is the basis for many technologies that has used across society. From petrol-based fuels for cars to computers (which rely on semiconductor devices) and telecommunications (e.g. mobile phones).

So, careers in chemistry can involve a wide variety of fields.

It is therefore important that chemists who work on developing new products have a good understanding of the risks involved and how best to handle them through safety precautions.

How is chemistry taught?

Chemistry student should become familiar with these concepts below to ensure their success in the subject.

The three main areas of chemistry studied are: (i) Inorganic, Physical and Organic Chemistry, (ii) Chemical Bonding and Periodicity and (iii) Chemical Kinetics.

The subject has taught from 5 different perspectives:

  1. Understanding the structure of atoms, molecules, and ions.
  2. The knowledge of how materials react with each other.
  3. Understanding chemical reactions and changes in matter.
  4. Developing an appreciation for the importance of chemicals in our daily lives.
  5. Investigating a range of practical applications for chemistry. The content displays to students through various resources such as textbooks, workbooks, computer programs, and simulations.

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