5 Steps to Creating a Great Online Training Experience for Your Learners

Written By: Cudy

9th August 2021

No more need to hunt for the perfect learning solution. Here are five easy steps to creating a great online training experience for your learners.

1. Start with the end in mind

Begin by setting your goals for the training experience and what you want your learners to achieve. Do you want them to increase their understanding of a particular topic?

Or do you want them to become more confident using new technology? Be clear about what you expect and why it is important.

2. Choose the right learning solution for your goals

As an online learning company, we work with organizations to help them find the right learning solution for their needs. Our experienced instructional designers will sit down with you and discuss your goals.

This way we can provide you with recommendations that will fit perfectly into your training program.

For example, a virtual classroom will fit perfectly into your online training strategy and enable learners to practice in a real-world environment.

3. Design activities that encourage learners interaction and collaboration

Allow learners to practice using their new skills under realistic conditions – just like they would do in real life! Some ways of doing this include virtual classrooms, virtual workshops, team-based exercises, group projects, video exercises (that require the learner to respond to a series of questions), live workshops, and role-plays.

These types of activities encourage learners to practice using their new skills in a real-world environment.

4. Make the training experience enjoyable and engaging

One way of doing this is by incorporating gamification techniques into your online training program. These techniques can be used to motivate learners so that they enjoy the learning experience and want to continue participating in it.

Gamification techniques include the use of points, badges, leaderboards, and rewards – this helps engages the learner and make them feel like they are achieving something positive each time they complete an activity or game within the online training program.

Provide clear guidance throughout the training experience – including frequent reminders about what is expected from the learner, at what stage they are at in their learning journey, and how far along they have come so far (i.e., how many steps out of 10 have they completed?).

This helps learners feel confident that they are making progress with their learning journey (even if it is slow), encouraging them to continue participating in your online training program for longer periods of time.

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