6 Tips to score in Presentation

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13th April 2023

6 Tips to score in Presentation

The presentation is a very important part of your resume. It’s like a visual CV that conveys all the information about you in a compact manner.

While we will look at tips for an effective resume later, here are some tips to make your presentation effective.

#1 Font Size in the presentation

Don’t make the font size too small. It will only end up hurting your eyes and not making you read it. In fact, if you can increase the font size, that would be great.

The other way to ensure that people can read your presentation is to put it on a projector or a screen where everyone can see it clearly.

You should also use fonts that are easy to read such as Arial or Times New Roman (Times New Roman is better). Do not use fancy fonts like Comic Sans because they don’t look professional and aren’t easy to read either.

#2 Colors and Backgrounds in the presentation

If you are going to use colors in your presentation, don’t overdo it. Too many colors make it hard for people to concentrate on what’s important in the presentation – you!

For example, if you have a photograph of yourself as the background, don’t put anything else there such as company logos or other pictures that will distract people from what’s important – YOU!

Similarly, don’t have multiple colors in one slide because it will confuse people and not let them focus on what’s important – YOU! You want them focused on YOU and not the background!

#3 Use PowerPoint

Using PowerPoint to create your presentation is a great idea. Because it will allow you to do a lot of cool things with your presentation. It’s not necessary but if you have access to PowerPoint, it’s highly recommended that you use it.

If you don’t have access to PowerPoint, then consider creating your presentation in Google Slides because it has most of the features that PowerPoint has and it’s free.

#4 Keep Things Simple in the presentation

This is really important because as we said earlier, simple is best. Too many colors, too many fonts, too many pictures and other things on one slide will only confuse people and make them think that you are not serious about the job.

Keep things simple so people know that you are serious about the job and this will help them take you seriously as well.

#5 Color Coordination

It’s a good idea to choose a color scheme for your presentation and stick with it throughout the entire presentation.

Stick with one color scheme throughout your entire presentation so people can easily follow along and don’t get confused by multiple schemes being used at once.

#6 Create an Introduction Slide (optional)

An introduction slide at the beginning of your presentation can be very effective if done correctly. The introduction slide should contain all the information about yourself such as your name, email address, phone number etc.

This is very important because when people leave the interview or meeting after looking at your resume/presentation.

They won’t remember everything about you so having an introduction slide can help jog their memory and remind them of who they met earlier.

In case they need to contact you later or in case they want to recommend you for another job opening or promotion in their company later on down the road!

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