Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Other Languages

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22nd April 2023

Fun Ways to teach your kids other Languages

If you have a small child and want to teach them a new language, this article is for you. Children are naturally curious and are always ready to learn something new.

Let them read books

When you go to the library, let your kids pick out some books. In the foreign language that they want to learn. Once they’ve picked out their books, read them aloud together. Even if your kids don’t understand what they’re reading, they will still benefit from hearing it being read aloud in another language.

If your kids are older, maybe 8 or 9 years old, let them choose books in that language by themselves. So that they can read on their own and begin practicing with a good vocabulary book.

If your child has trouble with pronunciation or remembering how to pronounce words. Have them watch TV shows or movies in the foreign language so that they can hear it spoken properly.

Learn words through games

Play simple games like Scrabble or Boggle with words in the foreign language that you want your children to learn so that they can learn new words while having fun at the same time. It’s also good for practicing their spelling and word recognition skills.

Because Scrabble requires players to spell out words from a limited number of letters on the board while Boggle requires players to find as many words as possible from all of the letters of a particular word before time runs out.

This is great for children who may be struggling with dyslexia. Because spelling is not important for playing these games. Also, both games focus on memorizing how many different ways one can use different letters of a given word.

When spelling it out verbally or writing it down on paper. Instead of just memorizing how each letter sounds when spoken individually. Like most other spelling tests do. So there’s no pressure on players to spell anything correctly which means less frustration for dyslexic children!

These games also help kids practice their memory skills. Because you have to remember what all of the letters are. Before making any guesses as well as think quickly. Because time runs out after only a few minutes which forces players to focus intently while playing.

Instead of becoming distracted by other things like TV shows or cell phones. This makes this an excellent choice for parents who want their kids to play some type of game.

While learning something new at the same time! In addition, Scrabble also helps players develop fine motor skills because using small plastic tiles requires dexterity when placing them

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